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10 Qualities of a Great Website Content Writer

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What do the most successful and sought after website content writers have in common? A lot as it seems. Web content writing is one of the most thriving and specialized professions in recent times. With the internet boom opening up newer playing fields for a wide variety of industries, the need for highly skilled and talented web content writers is growing by the day.

Great Content Writer

Here’s taking a look at 10 of the best qualities of a great website content writer –

#1. Excellent Command over Language

Language is definitely a determining criterion when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff. A strong grasp of the English grammar, language style and ability to use succinct and meaningful phrases is one intrinsic quality that great content writers pride themselves on.

After all, web content is the window to your world and linguistic and literary excellence is to be naturally expected in such a scenario.

#2. Strong Research Skills

Great content writers are also fastidious researchers and explorers who leave no stone unturned with regard to homing on crucial information, inputs, statistics, insights and other aspects related to their domain or topic. The ability to research conclusively on several topics and an inquisitive bent of mind are key qualities of great content writers.

For instance, if a good writer has been assigned a piece on popular beach destinations in India, they will definitely look for unique angles including scope for water sports, beach parties, sea food and so on and research about these while picking the locations in question. This is what makes an article extra interesting to read.

#3. Impeccable Proofreading Skills

A great content writer is also a competent proofreader, one who can weed out all possible errors in sentences including misspelling, jumbled up words and incorrect phrases that often crop up post the first draft. Great web content writers are those who take their time in polishing their pieces well enough to ensure 100% error free content!

#4. Presentation Skills

Great web content writers know how to present their content in an attractive manner, so as to win over their clients and readers alike! The best content writers always structure their articles impeccably with properly spaced and formatted paragraphs, quotes, sentences and the like. Rarely will you find a successful content writer submitting an article that is jumbled up and rather tedious to decipher.

#5. Knowledge of SEO Tricks

There are some tricks of the trade which truly great content writers have at their fingertips. These include internal linking or hyperlinks, a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Great writers have an innate understanding of keywords that draw the maximum traffic to websites and ones that are perfect for their content pieces.

They also have the tenacity to dig out the same from suitable sources along with doing research on appropriate sources to link out to. Tags are another area where great content writers rarely fall short. You will find them inserting some fabulous tags into their blog posts or webpage content pieces. Technical knowledge is garnered from experience and this is what sets this breed of writers apart from the competition.

#6. Domain Expertise

The beauty about hiring an experienced and successful content writer is the vast range of expertise they possess with regard to multiple domains and topics. The best writers are those who already have in-depth knowledge on several topics and make it a point to stay in the loop as far as news, views, reviews, latest happenings and developments are concerned. Again, experience primarily contributes to this wealth of domain knowledge that companies and websites cannot wait to tap!

#7. Seamless Adaptability

Great content writers can switch seamlessly between webpage content pieces, articles, blog posts, press releases and case studies with elan! Not only are they well versed with the different intricacies and nuances of each writing genre, they also know how to exploit the same to the fullest! Inter-structural flexibility is one of the biggest assets that an experienced content writer brings to the table.

#8. Ability to Achieve High Readability Score

People usually have only a few minutes to spare when it comes to leafing through any web content piece or article. As a result, great content writers make that extra effort to make their work more readable and audience-friendly. This is done by avoiding complex phrases and unnecessary jargon, incorporating insights and attractive hooks for readers and many more creative devices.

#9. Focus on the Topic Essence

Great content writers are definitely some of the best professional fluff eliminators in existence. They know how to whittle a topic down to its bare essence and build on the same. Sticking to prescribed word counts and making content crisp, presentable and devoid of unnecessary elements is the bête-noire of these writers.

#10. Timely Submissions

Deadlines are an unignorable aspect when it comes to web content writing. Great content writers have perfected the art of delivering work on time, thereby giving website owners heightened peace of mind and helping them keep publishing schedules intact.

While greatness cannot be defined, it goes without saying that successful content writers are those who possess the above qualities in overtly generous measures. Signing off, it suffices to say that great content writers represent creativity and reliability fused together in an exciting package for their clients.

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  • Imran Soudagar March 6, 2017, 12:30 am

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing these amazing tips with us, I think a good website content writer must have these 10 qualities. These days everyone is a blogger and a content writer, what I feel these newbie content writers lack is the domain expertise. A content writer must not be flexible enough to write about anything on the face of the earth but the content writer must be able to write with confidence about one and only domain and this quality will make the content writer sell his skills like a hot cake.

    Thanks again.

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