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3 Powerful Blogging Tips to Humanize Your Brand

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Customers are not robots; they’re as much humans as you and I. Each of the customers that you do business with or want to attract always hopes to be treated as a ‘unique individual’. Needless to say, your business blog is a perfect platform that you can use to tell your customers that you don’t think of them as robots, programmed to take in every marketing message or sales offer that you throw at them. Provided you do it the right, blogging offers you an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand.

Customers step into a brand-consumer relationship not because they like a company, but because they like the persons that represent or stand behind it. While blogging for business, you should understand this basic human need. If you want your customers to connect and engage with your business, you should start treating them as humans now.

Given below are three powerful tips that you can use to improve your blogging efforts and achieve brand humanization.

#1. Uncover Your Past

I’m not talking about just any old tale. As a business, you should tell stories that vividly express what you stand for. The stories need to be crafted in a way that arouses your audience’s deepest feelings or emotions. Usually, most businesses won’t tell stories because they think they don’t have any. Believe me, if you do some retrospection, you’ll be able to recall a number of events and incidents that you’d love to share with your blog readers to look like a human.

If you think you lack stories, here are a few good ideas –

> What inspired you to start your company
> How you took the first few launching steps
> Why you failed or faced rejections
> What were those hurdles that you got over
> What you did to beat out the competition

While creating stories, you should think of the existence of your business from many different angles – challenges, conflicts, risks, achievements. In any case, you should always make sure that the stories you blog about make a sensational and thrilling impact. Instead of leaning your stories on conceptual language, however, you should add specific details of time and place. Never try to turn your stories into sales-pitches. Make them authentic and compelling enough so that it doesn’t only attract customers but transforms them into brand evangelists who help your business to elevate to the next level.

#2. Talk about Your Present

It’s not just your past! Even your present day-to-day business operations may help you come up with interesting material to share on your blog. There are many behind-the-scenes happenings that your customers would love to hear about, if opening up the door a little isn’t an issue with you.

You may choose to talk about –

> Why employees like to work in your company
> Employee recognition programs and rewards
> Community outreach programs/ events you organize
> Participation at industry conferences/ tradeshows
> New hiring announcements
> What customers say or think about your brand

There’s a lot more. It’s always a great idea to blog about how you interact with people outside as well as how people within your organization collaborate with one another. Whatever you choose to write about, it’s important that you present it with a personal twist so as to stand out in the crowd, develop your own unique style, connect with your readers on an emotional level while proving to them that you’re as human as they are.

#3. Dream for Your Future

The world is a botched up place, but people are always willing to make the most of it. They’re ready to dream of a better future. Sharing your vision or dreaming about what you want to accomplish in the future also allows others to see the world from different angles or in new lights.

Get started with stuff like –

> Why you’re pursuing a certain path/ direction
> How you plan to improve your services
> How you’ll help your customers live a better life
> How far you’re willing to go to fulfill your vision
> Events that brought about a change in you

When you share your dreams and your customers (or prospects) start dreaming with you too in the hope of leading a better life, it creates a personal attachment. Your target audience begins to appreciate you, as they see you achieving one milestone after another, with whatever plans you have.

While you gear up to use all these ideas to humanize your business through blogging, you should also ensure that content contribution isn’t limited to only the marketing department. People from sales, customer service and development should all be encouraged to contribute and share their personal experiences or stories on the blog. Most importantly, the executives of your company should play the key role in practicing the process and motivating others to turn the process of brand humanization into a well-grown company initiative.

Do you have a business blog? How do you use it to tell your customers that you’re as human as they are? Please comment.

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  • Ovi sheikh September 26, 2014, 2:35 pm

    Thanks Peter for sharing this post. I agree with you!.

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