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31 Reasons to Use Content Marketing for Business Growth

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Content (and I mean top quality content) is fast becoming the backbone of all online marketing campaigns. There are several big brands that have already proved that content marketing is one of the most successful strategies to drive business growth and increase revenues. This doesn’t, however, mean that this marketing tactic is a special privilege available only to large businesses. Content marketing actually offers a wide range of benefits regardless of the size of a business. If you’re a small business or a start-up, content marketing is something you’ll need the most to quicken growth.

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Here’s another blog post which reveals to you all the good reasons that should compel you to adopt content marketing right away, if you haven’t already. If you’re unaware of why content marketing can’t be ignored, you may end up wasting a lot of your valuable time (and money) investing in marketing tactics that deliver little or no value for the long term.

Here are 31 solid reasons (in no particular order) as to why you should use content marketing –

#1. It costs you less than other alternative forms of marketing.
#2. It’s a ‘pull’ strategy rather than a ‘push’ strategy.
#3. It offers real value to customers.
#4. It makes customers more interactive.
#5. It helps you build genuine relationships with the audience.
#6. It helps buyers make well-informed decisions.
#7. It pulls in more new customers.
#8. It increases lead generation and sales more efficiently.
#9. It reduces the number of customer service complaints/ calls.
#10. It establishes your company as a valuable resource.
#11. It transforms your brand image.
#12. It humanizes your business, company or brand.
#13. It’s a great catalyst to build a loyal, engaged community.
#14. It’s a powerful tool for throwing the competition to dust.
#15. It works for almost any industry.
#16. It boosts virality.
#17. It generates more newsletter signups.
#18. It can be easily repurposed or reused.
#19. It helps you build a strong social media presence.
#20. It bolsters your PR strategy.
#21. It offers you the opportunity to tell your brand story.
#22. It makes online reputation management easier.
#23. It stands your company or business out in the crowd.
#24. It brings more traffic to your website or blog.
#25. It helps you gather more knowledge about your industry.
#26. It boosts your site’s search engine rankings.
#27. It provides much bigger ROI.
#28. It delivers results that will last forever.
#29. It’s a highly targeted marketing technique.
#30. Its results are implicitly traceable.
#31. It’s here to stay for a long time.

Could you ask for more benefits? It’s only on the basis of such abundant benefits that every nine out of ten B2B organizations have chosen to market with content (source: CMI). However, most marketers need more confidence and knowledge about the multiple tactics that content marketing includes. There’s little doubt that the use of content marketing, across all industries or niches, is fast picking up steam. And there’s no reason you should say ‘No’ to it. It’s just the right time for you to move beyond looking at content marketing only as a buzzword, and make it a crucial part of your overall marketing plan.

What other content marketing benefits can you think of? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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