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4 Things That High Quality Content Addresses

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‘High quality content’ is not marketers’ buzzword anymore. And the debate over what matters more – quantity or quality – has long settled. When it comes to content creation, each one of today’s savvy marketers strives for high quality content because that’s what major search engines and people look for. If your digital marketing has to yield great results, development of high quality content is a prerequisite.

High Quality Content

But how does one define high quality content?

Since quality is subjective, you would come across varied opinions on what makes high quality content.

Google tells you that the key to building a great website is to create an enriching experience for your audience with high quality content. It outlines usefulness, credibility, originality and uniqueness as some of the main characteristics of high quality content.

So, you know what high quality is or what high quality content should look like. But do you understand what high quality content ‘does’? The difference between ‘words’ and ‘action’!

Here’s what high quality content does or addresses.

Your Target Audience

Are you writing to please everyone? Always bear in mind that generic content may drive traffic to your website, but it will make no impact because it’s simply not tailored to the needs of a specific group of people – the audience you seek.

You should treat your content like a product and speak directly to the audience you want to reach. You shouldn’t just write content. In fact, you should craft content in a way that it connects with your target audience on a deeper level. Every piece of content, article or blog post that you create and publish on your website should have the potential to alter the thinking pattern of the target audience.

If you own a restaurant which caters to young professionals, you shouldn’t fill your blog with content which attracts older people, parents or soccer moms. You only need the youth as visitors.

Find out who your target audience is and then narrow it down to one single person and write to them. Most importantly, write to elicit a feeling and connect on an emotional level. High quality content is that which connects with the heads and hearts of your target audience. It connects with the desires of your target audience.

Your Business Objectives

The content you create should effectively align with your business goals. High quality content makes movement through the sales funnel easy for the ideal buyer.

There are multiple stages in a sales funnel. From arrival on your website, joining your email list, going through the emails over a period of time and contacting your sales associate to deciding whether to do purchase your products or hire your services, your content should take good care of the prospect at each stage of the journey and guide them properly towards a purchase.

Apart from helping customers move through the sales funnel and buy, high quality content also nurtures after the sale.

Your Organization

High quality content addresses the day-to-day needs of various departments in your organization including sales, human resource and customer service.

For example, high quality content:

  • Assists the sales team in lead nurturing
  • Helps the HR team reach and hire the right talents
  • Enables the customer service to create satisfied customers
  • Supports the PR team to enhance the brand

Just ask your sales team to integrate high quality content into their strategies and both you and your sales team will realize how effective it can prove to be in avoiding opening gaffes. Likewise, high quality content can be used as a powerful recruiting tool; create content that resonates with prospective employees.

High quality content, as you can see, does a great job of enhancing your organizational capabilities in many ways. Overall, it helps you craft an improved experience for customers.

Your Community

One of the best things high quality content does is that it inspires and bolster up a community. The content that you create should have the potential to initiate a debate or a discussion and pull at the reader’s heartstrings. It should encourage everyone that’s part of the community to come together and interact.

You’ll build a community by:

  • Putting the spotlight on your supply chain partners
  • Bringing in influencers and industry experts
  • Curating content (for your blog and social media)
  • Showcasing less-visible members of the community
  • Utilizing user-generated content
  • Leveraging the internal expertise of your organization

It’s surprising to note that many companies that are intent on building and growing a vibrant online community don’t actually involve those who make up the community.

So, research and be thoroughly prepared.

Are You Ready to Create High Quality Content?

The success of a marketing campaign lies in the quality of content you create. If you operate an online business, it’s about time you made high quality content development a part of your digital marketing strategy. Why do the average small business invests 25% – 30% and some other companies invest as much as 50% of their marketing budget on content creation and distribution? It’s simply because high quality content gives them a significant ROI and makes them money.

It’s only through hard work and constant improvement that you can create high quality content for your online business. Every time you create a new piece of content, make it better than the last. If you lack the skills or are short of in-house staff to create high quality content on your own, go ahead and hire one or more experienced content writers now.

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