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7 Qualities of a Great E-Book

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E-Books have marked the beginning of a whole new generation of reading. The e-books available over the internet seem to have a faster download history these days as well.  Since avid readers all around the world find it difficult to carry their favorite traditional books wherever they go, the rapid growth of e-books and the rise of tablets, smartphones and e-readers have made it both easy and fun. It’s predicted that the entire reading habit would become digitalized in the distant future.

However, the methodology of writing an e-book is very different as compared to traditional books writing. Also, the success of an e-book depends on various factors. If you’re planning to write an e-book that doesn’t only satisfies your ego but also feeds the hunger of readers and sells in large number, make sure it has these seven essential qualities.

#1. Focus on a Niche Audience
It’s just impossible to make everyone happy with your e-book. If you plan to create a highly saleable e-book, it’s always best to target it to a specific niche. There are several niches that will always remain in fashion. Health/ wellness, moneymaking, personal development and relationships are some of the most popular niches you can try. Even when you choose one of these, you may want to narrow down to a sub-niche.

If you choose relationships, for example, you may want to go for its sub-niches like dating, parenting or marriage. No matter what niche or sub-niche you pick, you should always make sure that it offers a profitable market.

#2. A Killer Title
The title of the e-book is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind while releasing your creation. Say, you are writing a self help book. Titles like “How to Correct Your Body Image” or “Benefits of Yoga and Meditation” are just a little too clichéd and normal. Instead, opt for more attention-grabbing titles like, “Carving a Better Body Image in 50 Days” or “Yoga and Meditation – Essentials of a Healthy Life”.

Always remember that most of the time, readers don’t read a page from the e-book and decide upon buying it. Mostly, the topic of the e-book and the theme is what attracts readers in the first place. Hence, make sure you use an attractive title that speaks really well for your e-book. The title should be relevant yet eye-catching. It should give a crystal-clear view of what the e-book is about to the reader.

#3. A New or Refreshing Idea
The fate of an e-book is actually determined by the kind of idea it presents. You’ve seen generations of writers expressing the same point over and over again. The facts and ideas are pushed to a point where they start to get very predictive. In a novel, when the ending or the plot of the story can be predicted by the reader within the first few pages of the book, it appears to become very boring for them.

So avoid using old fashioned and commonly used ideas while writing an e-book that you want to sell more and more.

#4. Insightfulness
While it’s really very important to write on a topic that would be exclusive, something that has not been repeated by authors through ages is that it’s equally important to grab the interest of your readers. So, whichever topic you may choose, ensure that you’ve an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Only then will you have ample scope to be creative and be successful in engaging your readers through your content.

#5. An Individual Style of Writing
Each writer has their own style that appeals to the reader. Follow your own unique style of writing. It’s okay to incorporate a few ideas here and there from the writers who have inspired you but writing exactly the way they did will not make much difference. Individuality is the key to success.

Maintain a style that readers are comfortable with. Experiment with different styles of narration and writing. Even if you want to drive home the same inane message, do it differently and unpredictably. Playing with words will teach you how to put them in different order and still mean the same. This will make your e-book content more appealing.

#6. Accuracy of Information
It’s advisable to provide your readers with factually correct information to back up your claims or prove the point you’re making. Conduct as much research as possible so that you can offer your readers with value-added, up-to-date and accurate information. Don’t forget that misrepresenting facts or details will only tarnish your reputation.

#7. A Professional Design
A poor or unprofessional design could easily ruin the image of an e-book (and the author) regardless of how well it’s been written. To create an e-book that will attract attention quickly and make reading pleasurable, you should always pay careful attention to all the key design elements including the cover, headers, footers, topic headings, lists, graphics and quotes.

Therefore, don’t hold yourself back and hire a professional designer to create a product your readers will remember for long. The design of an e-book is also crucial because it’s something that will create a legacy for the writer.

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