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7 Reasons Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Content Marketing

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For small businesses owners, regardless of their niche, content marketing presents a huge opportunity to attract the right kind of customers and keep them engaged for a long time. There are various online channels through which you can share your content with a target audience, fulfill their specific needs and convince them about the uniqueness of your service or product. Whether you’re a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, it’s high time that you understand the potential of content marketing and use it effectively to fulfill your business goals.

Content marketing, which is an online marketing technique of providing your target audience with useful/ custom content, is no more an option for small businesses. In fact, it’s a necessity if you’re really serious about expanding the presence of your business online, gain a competitive edge and generate more leads quickly.

Here are seven key reasons why you can’t ignore content marketing –

#1. It’s Proven to Work Better
While turning to content marketing, an important point to remember is that custom content is more appreciated and in demand than generic content. Customers or prospects feel better about the company and are more likely to remember the company that provides them with custom content consistently. According to a survey done by CMI, as much as 90% of all consumers find custom content useful. Also, around 60% of all consumers want to buy a product from a company that creates custom content on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to provide your prospects with useful content for better results, content marketing is calling you.

#2. It Beats Online Advertisements Easily
Everyday people get bombarded with different types of online ads which in turn can make them sick. That’s why people tend to forget about ads faster than articles or blog posts. Well-written articles make people sit up and take notice as they’re different and suit customers’ requirements best. Content marketing offers you a far better chance of getting your message across to a target audience as compared to advertisements or banner ads.

#3. It Helps You Build Genuine Relationships
Content marketing sends customers a strong signal that the company is focused on building relationships with them instead of just selling to them. This is because custom content helps the customers understand a company, its range of services or products in a better way. Customers value and enjoy the interactions offered via content created by companies. Therefore, they’re more likely to engage with you as well as involve their acquaintances in the process.

#4. It Gives You a Competitive Edge
No matter which niche or industry you belong to, you’ll most probably be faced with a lot of competition. Rather than sitting and watching customers go straight to the competition, you should quickly adopt content marketing, as it’s a powerful technique to set your business apart from others and create a good number of satisfied customers. Since there are plenty of small businesses that lack the budget or time that doing content marketing requires, your chances of getting ahead in the game are pretty high.

#5. It Improves Your Company’s Social Media Presence
As Jay Baer (a renowned social media expert) puts it, social media is gasoline and content is fire. You may decide to jump on to the social media bandwagon because everyone else is also doing the same. But to really make a difference and get the maximum out of your social media participation, you’ll need to post useful, relevant and entertaining content to your small business pages regularly. Thankfully, content marketing is your tool to get it done. By posting engaging content to your social media profiles, you’ll not only keep your existing fans (or customers) engaged but will also continue to attract more new fans (or prospects).

#6. It Establishes You as an Expert
When hiring a service or buying a product, consumers prefer choosing a company that knows their stuff really well. Among other benefits of content marketing, one of the biggest is that it allows you to establish yourself as an expert or guru in your niche. By creating highly useful, well-researched and top-notch content, you can easily convince your target audience that you’re truly an expert in your area of work. In this way, you’ll build trust which in turn will set the groundwork for the long-term success of your small business.

#7. It Enhances Your Website’s (or Blog’s) SEO
Though the game of SEO has changed considerably over the last few years, you can never afford to disregard it. The lifespan of SEO is at least as long as that of search engines. When you plan to incorporate content marketing in your overall marketing strategy, you’ll hit two birds with one stone. If you don’t know, content marketing is also the new SEO. Publishing high quality content on your site on a consistent basis will, therefore, give your SEO a big boost.

Content marketing is crucial to the success of your small businesses amidst all that fierce competition that’s common to almost every niche. It’s your magic wand to create happy customers and sell more. All you need to remember is that you work according to a well-planned strategy and focus on fulfilling the needs of your target audience while being consistent.

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