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8 Common Reasons Online Shoppers Abandon Your Website [Infographic]

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Many websites struggle with a high abandonment rate on account of some inherent problems. This hits e-commerce websites or online stores hard and brings down overall traffic and sales figures in turn. Growth in sales is hard to achieve if you do not fix some latent issues that threaten to paralyze your progress. The annual loss incurred by online retailers owing to sudden shopping cart abandonment is pegged at around $18 billion. Most small online businesses are seen to suffer from these issues.

Here are some astonishing statistics for your information -

> Around 67.89% of all online shoppers abandon shopping carts
> The average rate of conversion for e-commerce stores is only 3%
> As much as 90% of online leads go cold in 60-90 minutes

As a smart e-commerce website owner, you should never forget to opt for useful tools for analyzing customer data and traffic. This helps you, with regard to zeroing in on regular and premium customers (and high spenders of course), keep an eye on the bounce rate of your website. It’s only through an appropriate analysis that you can go in for comprehensive optimization of conversion rates.

You should always keep an eye out for the key problems that an e-commerce website commonly faces and see to it that they are fixed quickly. Prompt action certainly goes a long way towards improving traffic and customer retention while increasing revenues. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is always the best piece of advice you should follow when it comes to improving the experience offered by any particular e-commerce website to online shoppers.

But why do most online shoppers leave a website?

Here’s an infographic (created by Marketizator) which offers you a crystal-clear view of the commonest reasons that do an excellent job of disappointing visitors to your e-commerce website while sending them straight to the competition.

Top 8 reasons why visitors leave your e-commerce website

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