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8 Great Reasons to Publish an E-book

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The onset of the digital age has generated multiple new trends and platforms that are steadily revolutionizing some of the very traditional markets. One of these markets is book publishing. E-books (or electronic books) have taken over a sizeable chunk of the entire publishing industry and are expected to mushroom into a multi-billion dollar industry in the near future. The widespread acceptance of tablets and e-book readers (as necessary devices) and the rapidly increasing global internet usage are to be attributed as major reasons for this prolific growth story.

There are many compelling reasons for publishing an e-book. Listed below are eight of them –

#1. Seamless Publishing Possibilities

Many authors find it almost impossible to get their manuscripts accepted by traditional publishing houses and agents. E-books have democratized the industry and brought in a whole new self-publishing market for authors to tap, especially with mainstream publishing houses shying away from putting their money on fresh talent.

#2. Rapidly Growing Sales

More and more readers are switching to e-books in recent times and pundits are betting on e-book sales breaching close to the $1 billion mark annually. Noted online book retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon have jumped onto the e-book bandwagon and even Google could not resist the lure of this ever-growing space as evident through its newly launched Google eBooks division.

E-Book Sales

The global popularity of E-books is on an upswing and finding readers is not an uphill task anymore.

#3. Swift Publishing Mechanisms

As compared to the complexity inherent in traditional book printing and publishing processes, bringing out your e-book is simply a breeze. Many authors choose to publish their work themselves by converting manuscripts into PDF files and featuring the same on their own websites or blogs. On the other hand, many authors work jointly with e-book publishers (like Lulu, BookBaby, Booktango, eBook Partnership etc.) through a series of simple steps such as obtaining an ISBN for the manuscript in question, following all formatting and editing guidelines issued by publishers and submitting the e-book manuscripts to publishers as per instructions.

Usually, publishers are seen to make e-books available online in a very short period of time post submission. They also help the e-book reach out to a wider audience by collaborating with companies like Amazon and even multiple Kindle publishing platforms.

#4. Cost Effectiveness

Not a single penny is often required for self publishing an e-book on particular websites and platforms. Most e-book websites prefer to deduce a certain percentage of royalties instead of upfront payments. E-book publishers may charge nominal amounts of money in some cases. All in all, publishing e-books is a pocket friendly affair!

#5. Periodic Revisions

Another great reason for publishing e-books is that online versions can be periodically changed, revised, updated or even tweaked as per customer feedback and changing market trends. In case of traditional publishing, revised and updated editions can only be published at the sole discretion of the publisher and this is again a time consuming process.

#6. Lucrative Profits

Traditional publishing houses usually offer low profits on overall book sales and this ten to twenty percent average does not usually benefit authors much. There are only a few rare writers who manage to sell copies in the thousands. E-book publishing, on the other hand, offers authors a chance to earn as much as thirty to fifty percent of all sales courtesy their publishers.

E-book Author Earnings

If you have picked the self publishing route, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning royalties from your e-books.

#7. Eco-friendliness

If you are concerned about the environmental issues that all of us face, you’ll find e-book publishing as the best outlet for getting your work across to readers. Printing depletes natural resources and is thus avoidable with an eye on the future.

#8. Enhanced Authorial Control

The creative inputs of authors do not play a very big role when it comes to designing, packaging, presenting, typesetting and planning a book in case of traditional book publishing. The editorial and publishing team usually has the final say in these cases. However, e-book publishing is one space where authorial inputs are of immense importance during the publishing process and authors possess significantly higher control over the final product.

Are you planning to write an e-book? Please share what you think in the comments section below.

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    Great Post, EBooks have made revolutionary changes in e-learning, it have several benefits. This post includes almost all reasons for choosing EBooks.

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