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8 Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

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If evergreen content were a person, those who have used it successfully to strengthen their online presence would define it as a dependable, faithful and supportive friend you can count on, particularly on the bad days. If you are a professional content writer aspiring to master the art of writing evergreen content, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are some time-tested tips that you can follow to achieve success quickly.


The first step, of course, is to understand the meaning of evergreen content and then delve deeper into what makes it click.

#1. Understand What It Really Means

Evergreen content is just that – sustainable, timeless web content that would not lose its relevance for a long time to come.

Here are some examples –

Useful and exhaustive information everyone needs at some point (Wikipedia)
The go-to place to learn how to do almost anything (eHow)
The ‘About Us’ section on a website
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on a website
A video tutorial on how to use a product

While content based on current trends, events or news may give your website a sudden and short-lived influx of visitors, evergreen content is meant to generate a steady stream of traffic over a long period of time.

#2. Shortlist the Topics

The evergreen content on your website should be relevant to your business while also serving the greater good of providing the visitor with information they can use to make day-to-day life easier.

That said, must all evergreen content be informative? Not necessarily. A light post about how you founded your business with a few anecdotes thrown in would make an interesting read for your audience and also foster a stronger connect with your brand.

#3. Commit to High Quality

Understanding the potential of evergreen content is one thing, ensuring consistent high quality, another. An interesting headline may get you a few clicks; however it’s the meat in the content that will please your reader. Even the most thought-out ‘How to’ content will fail to score well with your audience if it does not tell them exactly what to do to solve a specific problem in simple, comprehensible and logical steps.

Grammatical errors, wordiness, irrelevance, lack of depth – nothing escapes the eye of a discerning reader.

#4. Brainstorm to Be Unique

There are thousands of other articles talking about the same thing, why bother writing anyway! With millions of posts published on almost everything under the sun, every writer faces this age-old dilemma. The key here is to offer something new to your reader, and it certainly requires brainstorming.

For example, there may be many existing articles on the ‘Cheapest Places to Eat in New York’ but not many on ‘How to Survive a Week in New York on 100 Dollars’. The idea is to add an exciting new twist to the same ol’ tale.

#5. Add More Weight with Expert Insights

Coupled with your exceptional writing, expert inputs add extra weight to the article while attracting eyeballs almost instantly.

Check out these examples –

A Seasoned Hiker’s Best Tips for Amateur Climbers
Why Babies Get Colic – A Pediatrician Explains

What’s even more important is the fact that the insights you include in your content help raise your blog’s perceived value.

 #6. Keep It Up-to-Date

In the long run, evergreen content also runs the risk of becoming redundant if not updated on a regular basis. For example, take the FAQ section on your website. With the FAQ section, you created a much needed piece of evergreen content. However, taking the time to update the FAQs is just as important.

Why not take some time every month to collate the customer queries received via social media networks and add the most recurrent ones to the FAQs. It’s just the perfect way to keep your evergreen content as good as new for several years to come.

#7. Place it Strategically

Dig out your old gems, revitalize with new images, a popular video or an expert insight, and repost. Your best evergreen content should not be allowed to bury under the heap of new SEO-driven posts. Allow easy reader access through widgets such as ‘Most Popular Blog Posts’, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Timeless Classics’ and the like.

#8. Don’t Overdo It

Even if you have the best ideas, overdoing the evergreen posts may not be in your best interest. Readers like a mix of informative and entertaining content. If you own a natural beauty products business, for example, it’s a great idea to publish posts such as “10 Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil” – useful evergreen content that educates your readers.

However, a post titled “5 Thanksgiving Gifting Ideas and Discount Offers” will incite your readers no end and would also serve as a single hotspot to get all the limited-period deals at one place. It’s important to not let evergreen content lose its value by overdoing it.

If great evergreen content is given the attention it deserves, it’s sure to pay off for a long time to come!

Does your site have content that remains green year after year? Please share your thoughts in comments.

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