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8 Types of Professionals to Build Your Content Marketing Team

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From being just a buzzword to becoming one of the most effective tactics for online marketers, content marketing has come a long way. The staggering stats appearing all across the web clearly indicate that providing your target audience with value-added and attention-grabbing content is a surefire way of generating qualified sales leads.

Though every B2B or B2C marketer clearly understands how content marketing can transform their business, one of the biggest challenges that they face is to put together a great content marketing team.

If you thought hiring a few interns or people who are good with grammar could comprise an effective content marketing team, you’re mistaken. Result-driven content marketing requires a lot of skills, knowledge and experience. And the kind of team you create for the job will determine whether you’ll achieve success with this digital marketing tactic or fall flat.

So, how do you put together a powerful content marketing team? Or, simply put, who are the professionals that you should choose to include in your content marketing team so you can dominate your niche quickly?

Here are eight types of professionals to consider –

#1. Professional Writers
By professional writers I mean writers who are not only quite well-acquainted with the internet language but also possess practical knowledge about the industry or niche you belong to. You should, therefore, hire those writers that have prior experience of writing content for other companies or small businesses in your niche. These professionals have the capability to handle content creation at the tactical level very well.

#2. Ex-Journalists
Journalists or ex-journalists should be a part of your content marketing team for a number of reasons. First and foremost, journalists have got the ability to craft compelling stories. Second, they have been trained in the art of interviewing, which means they know how to ask the right questions and dig out information that will be highly appreciated by readers or the target audience. Third, they are great with framing up killer headlines.

#3. Former Teachers
Don’t get surprised! It’s a brilliant idea to hire teachers or former teachers to work on a content marketing project. In fact, former teachers should occupy place on your content marketing team fulltime.

Key reasons for taking on teachers include –

  • They’re good at explaining concepts or processes
  • They’ve the habit of planning lessons/ topics
  • They’re excellent researchers
  • They’re accustomed to focusing on the big picture
  • They’re quick learners

They’ve many other skills that you can utilize to create a powerful content strategy for your business and fuel your marketing campaigns. Here’s a good article that discusses in detail as to why it’s beneficial to include teachers into your content marketing team.

#4. Bloggers
Good bloggers have a special talent – they know how to write in a way that builds an emotional attachment with readers. They’re niche specialists. They have the capability of engaging a target audience. They’re well-versed with the art of generating buzz among readers by inspiring or provoking.

In addition, most of them also have a good knowledge of social media and how major search engine algorithms work.

#5. Data Analysts
Almost every industry has data analysts. Though their day-to-day responsibilities may vary a little from one industry to another, all of them are highly skilled in gathering, organizing and studying statistical data. In short, they are capable of translating raw figures into valuable insights, which can be further used to improve a business or marketing strategy. That’s why data analysts should be a must-add to your content marketing team.

#6. PR Specialists
The main role of a PR or public relation specialist is to build fruitful relationships for a client. In order to enhance a client’s reputation or publicize a business, they focus on building connections with journalists, bloggers, thought-leaders, industry experts and influencers.
Having these professionals in your content marketing team will ensure your content has the best outreach and publicity.

#7. Editors
Editors are for strategic guidance. It’s the editor who briefs content writers, delegates tasks, collaborates with them and evaluates the quality of content. He’s responsible for ensuring that the content, before it goes live, is completely in tune with the voice of your brand, accurate in terms of message you want to deliver and relevant to the audience you’re seeking.

#8. Creative Designers
Content is not just blog posts, articles or press releases. An effective content strategy includes content creation in different formats, because different people like different forms of content. Moreover, visually attractive content like videos, PPT presentations, PDFs and infographics attract attention instantly. If you plan to present your target audiences with an interesting variety of content, bringing creative designers on board is crucial.

It’s time to stop wasting lots of money on traditional advertising which has a terrible trust level. Instead, you should gear up to launch effective content marketing campaigns with the help of a great content marketing team that will help your company or brand reach out to your customers or prospects in a meaningful and memorable way. Take action now!

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