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Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth From Your Content Provider?

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Picture this: You’re a business owner well-versed with the power of content and its undeniable role in the success of your enterprise. Another scenario could be that you’ve only recently discovered the potential of great content in amplifying your online presence. In either situation, you decided to allocate a considerable portion of your marketing budget to an aggressive content marketing campaign. You stumbled upon (since there are so many fly-by-nighters) a content provider, shared your vision and content began to flow in.

Your Money's Worth

Things look great at this stage.

However, just like any other business goal, your content strategy calls for an analysis every once in a while. To be more specific, online business owners need to have a tight grip on what their content is achieving for them, week-on-week. While a website may spend millions on the backend, it’s the content that matters the most for a target audience.

Content is your front-end person, your company’s most gregarious representative, the usher who leads your audience to the real show. It’s your product, and in these competitive times, it better be good. Which brings us to the question: How do you know if you are getting your money’s worth from your content provider?

Here are a few pointers to help you determine if your content resource has been able to successfully cater to your specific requirements –

Content Quality – Beyond the Grammar

Of course, grammar is important. However, it’s only a basic and non-negotiable requirement from the writers you hire. You shouldn’t dwell upon the virtues of good grammar. What I mean by content quality is the level of writing, the depth, the kind of treatment the topic gets.

Key factors that determine the quality of content include –

> Relevance (target market demographics, business goals, timing)
> Value addition (usefulness, problem-solving, messaging)
> Credibility (authenticity, authority, expertise, social proof)
> Usability (accessibility, readability, optimization)
> Performance (call-to-actions, success metrics, conversions)

Therefore, what sets a skilled writer apart from the mediocre lot is the quality of information, the manner in which that information is compiled and whether due diligence is given to the expectations of your target audience.


Are you, as a client, important for your content provider? Do they take the initiative to share novel content ideas, keyword lists, content approach, and content marketing insights which can help further enhance traffic to your website or blog.

Contrary to how most content writing works, providing content is much more than simply sending over a zip folder of articles. In the realm of online content, quality content providers take the pains to dive deep into the client’s line of work, sketch tailor-made content plans, and suggest improvements to help the client gain an edge over competition.

Is your content provider motivated to offer you such support?

Here, I would like to add that quality writing comes at a price which discerning clients are always willing to pay.

Content Ideas

Coming up with unique content regularly is probably the hardest part in a successful content marketing plan. When almost everything has been written about, how do you come up with unique content that would entice your readers to choose you over a million others?

First of all, it’s a popularized misconception that everything in the world has been written about. There is always something new a specialist can bring to the table. However, it requires consistent brainstorming and allocation of dedicated time to come up with brilliant content ideas.

Is your team of content writers able to come up with unique content ideas from time to time? Are they able to provide content which would get you interested as a reader?


A professional content provider entrusted with managing your social media and online content is a dependable resource you can count on. They’ll not hesitate in creating a ‘wow’ experience for you as a client, as it would translate into repeat customers for your business. This, in turn, involves aggressive planning and execution at the writer’s end to achieve your social media engagement and traffic goals.

A credible content provider is a valuable resource and plays a crucial role in elevating your business to the next level.

Is your content provider a force to be reckoned with?

Review, Analysis and Reporting

Is it really a content writer’s job to share observations, findings and suggestions which could help optimize your content marketing campaign? In a typical scenario, all a content writer should be concerned with is providing content. However, for an experienced and professional content provider who knows their business, constant improvement forms an integral part of every content writing assignment.

A content writer that’s truly worth your money will always endeavor to exceed your expectations and help you steer the competitive world of content with their valuable insights and experience.

Is your content provider able to delight you with exceptional service?

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