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Do You Need a Content Writer or a Copywriter?

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Content writing and copywriting – they’re the same thing. Since the function of both a content writer and a copywriter is to essentially write, you can pick whichever term you like better to advertise and hire professionals for a writing position in your company. Content writer and copywriter are just fancy names that refer to one role.


Absolutely wrong!

Content Writer vs Copywriter

You should never hire a content writer for a copywriter’s job or vice versa. A lot of startups, organizations and businesses would hire a content writer when who they actually need is a copywriter. May be, they simply don’t understand the difference between ‘content’ and ‘copy’ or are unconcerned about an issue which will impact their bottomline. A content writer and a copywriter have different roles to perform and trying to fit one of them into the other is a mistake.

Why You Need a Content Writer

Content forms the backbone of an online business. If you have a web-based business, you’ll need one or more writers to create business content and address the audience you’re seeking.

Content Writing

Since online businesses are vying against one another to cut through the clutter and attract as many eyeballs as possible, you’ll need to produce tons of high quality content. Content writing is a digital form of journalism which helps you entertain, inform and educate the reader – rather than persuade them.

The main role of a content writer is to familiarize the target audience with what your company does, how your company can help them and why your company is a much better choice than the competition. Content writers are skilled professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the subject or topic they write on. They possess the quality of writing in a style and tone that gives your company a unique identity.

One of the major challenges that content writers have to fulfil is make your business look credible on the web.

Every website has its own content requirement because it serves a specific group of people. That’s why content writers work according to the brief provided to them. The brief tells the content writer how to proceed, what type of tone and language to follow and which keywords to incorporate into their writing for SEO benefits.

A content writer is hired to create content for:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Guest Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Web Pages

You can think of content writing as a means of educating the target audience for free – so they’ll look up to you as an expert on a specific subject matter. When produced and published consistently, high quality content can turn your website into an information resource.

Content writers focus on website metrics like organic traffic, time spent on site, number of social shares and engagement. The more people visit your website and share your content, the more visibility your business achieves on the web. But it is crucial to understand that content requirements of an audience changes over time, and so you should always try to provide exactly what your audience needs at a given point of time. Stay on top of contemporary trends. Create content to both attract and engage new readers and retain the existing ones.

Why You Need a Copywriter

Unlike content writing, copywriting is a writing technique which is used to persuade the target audience to commit to a specific action. When you plan a marketing campaign and you need written material which drives a profitable action, you need the help of copywriters. Simply put, the copywriter’s job is to tell the target audience to buy.


But telling people to buy is not as easy as it may sound. Copywriters are an extremely creative bunch of people.

There are multiple formulas and techniques that copywriters employ to craft an effective sales copy. But the typical procedural framework of a copywriter’s job is founded on three things which include a) The Before Life b) The After Life and c) The Bridge. While writing copies, copywriters paint pictures of what life looked like before the problem was solved, what life will look like after the problem has been solved – and the bridge which connects the two ideal situations.

Copywriters often aggravate a problem to create intrigue and suspense before offering a solution.

So, copywriting is like telling a story. Once the copywriter becomes familiar with your target audience, they’ll create copy to capture attention, pique interest and kindle desire for buying a product or service. The copywriter knows how to keep the reader engaged throughout the story, until the solution has been introduced.

A copywriter is hired to create copy for:

  • Sales Letters
  • Landing Pages
  • Catalogs
  • Banners/Advertisements
  • Product Descriptions
  • Contest Pages
  • Tagline

Though copywriting typically involves creation of short and snappy copies, the length of a copy may vary from one sentence (e.g.- headline, Email subject line etc) to an entire page (e.g. – sales page). But the ultimate goal is always the same – to sell.


I hope that the difference between the functions of a content writer and a copywriter is now clear as crystal. Depending on the goals and objectives of your business, you may either need the services of a content writer or a copywriter  – or both. It’s also important to understand that content writing and copywriting are like the two sides of the same coin. Content helps you build trust and rapport, which pave the path towards a sale. It’s easier to sell to prospects who believe in your expertise.

Also, content and copy often unite on a web page to create the desired results. For example, placing a CTA along with a microcopy at the end of an article or a blog post could turn the visitor into a closed deal. So, have a closer look at what you exactly need and make the best decision.

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