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How to Give Your Next Article or Blog Post a Unique Punch

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For Google (and other major search engines) to perceive your website as a go-to information resource and bring it up in relevant search results, you need to consistently publish unique content.

Unique Articles or Blog Posts

Unless your content is unique, whether an article or a blog post, it’s hardly going to propel your marketing. In the age of information overload, creating unique content can be the difference between the success and failure of an online business.

You want your website to stick out.

And that’s certainly not going to happen if your website content blends in with all the similar content out there.

To get your website on the first page of Google, position yourself as a strategic business partner and generate high quality leads, the best you can do is create content which is one of its kind – content which reminds people of who you are and why they should prefer you over the competition when it comes to doing business.

Given below are some of the most useful tips that you can use to give your articles and blog posts a unique punch.

Use Evidence to Back Up Your Claim

Misinformation is a common occurrence on the web. So, it isn’t always easy for internet users to support a claim,  rally to a cause or follow a piece of advice to buy something. Unless you are in a position of authority, people might think you’re only pretending to know something. You need to lead with evidence.

If you make an assertion or declare something, back it up with:

  • Examples
  • Personal Experiences
  • Statistics
  • Analogies

While logical reasoning helps, that doesn’t serve well at all times. In many situations, you need solid supporting evidence. If you don’t provide evidence, there’s also a possibility that you’ll face a lot of questions from readers.

That’s why in-depth research is so vital. Pre-writing research will help you gather a lot of evidence that you can include in your articles or blog posts to validate your points.

Avoid Weak Words and Phrases

There are multiple words and phrases that will weaken or sabotage your writing altogether. When you’re looking to create unique content for readers, your words need to be crisp and clear.

“If variety is the spice of life, then originality is the sauce that rests on top of it. Sadly, many literary chefs fail on both counts. That’s because they use the same tired, overused words and phrases repeatedly throughout their content. In some cases, single articles are riddled with countless examples of expressions that are well past their sell-by date”, says Neil Patel.

Be Unique

Here are some examples of weak words or phrases:

As to whether – Cut off as to. Instead of writing ‘I didn’t know as to whether he’d accept the proposal’, just write ‘I didn’t know whether he’d accept the proposal’. Sounds better?

At the present time – Hollow phrase. Replace it with better words like now or currently.

Been there, done that – Excessively overused. How many times have you word this phrase yourself?

Due to the fact that – Avoid using this phrase. Use because in its place. Simple and snappy.

Each and every – Either use each or every, not both.

For this reason – Prefer using therefore or thus over this phrase.

Think outside the box – An overused business phrase. Consider synonyms like brainstorm, innovate, figure out etc.

There are hundreds of examples like these. Make a list of all such words and and phrases and try to avoid them the next time you write. If you use expressions that are too familiar or have lost their impact due to overuse, your content will sound dull and boring.

Quote Industry Experts and Influencers

Identify the experts in your industry or area of work and quote them in your writing for uniqueness.

Specific words from seasoned professionals, who have established authority, resonate well with audiences. Your readers are always looking for an expert opinion or a guru mantra. Including quotations from experts and influencers in your writing will not only create uniqueness, but it will also attract their attention. All you need to do is add a link pointing back to their website or blog with the quote.

Follow a Writing Template

When writing for the web, using a template is a high recommend. Whether you’re going to create content for an article or a blog post, develop a standard outline for the same.

Here’s a typical blog post template:

  • Title or Heading
  • Image
  • Introduction
  • Lead Paragraph
  • Rationale
  • Conclusion
  • Invitation for feedback
  • Related Posts

Also, you should remember to include multiple subheadings to break up your main points into smaller chunks of digestible content. Following a writing template doesn’t only help you create unique content but it also helps you write faster.

Stick to Your Own Style

The style of writing is extremely important – more so when you want to get noticed in the modern internet age.

Turn on the light of your mind.

Whether you plan to expand the presence of your online business or build a unique identity for yourself, define the qualities that will lend a distinct voice to your writing. Refine them and apply them to your writing process to create the desired impact.

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