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How to Re-post Someone Else’s Infographic on Your Blog

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Infographics are everywhere. Think of just any niche topic, and you’ll find tons of infographics that you’d like to go through and share. But they’re being created for some specific reasons. Infographics are useful in content marketing because they look attractive to the eye, provide worldwide coverage, create solid brand awareness, drive lots of website traffic and improve SEO. Over the last 6-8 years, infographics have also witnessed a tremendous growth in terms of search volume. So, one thing is crystal-clear that you can’t ignore the trend anymore.

To create your own infographics, you don’t need to be a graphics designer yourself or hire an expert. There are several free tools that you can use to get the job done.

But what if you want to re-post someone else’s infographic on your blog? If you come across an infographic that’s packed with high quality, well-researched and essential information, you may feel tempted to publish it on your own blog. Also, publishing someone else’s infographic allows you to keep your blog fresh when you’re short of time to write your own traditional blog posts.

But there’s a risk!

Since infographics are potential link attractors, you may fall prey to re-posting another person’s or company’s infographic on your blog frequently. If you’re a blogger who indulges in this practice of shoplifting content just for the sake of links or clicks, you should better brace yourself. As soon as Google sniffs out your bitchy intent behind publishing other people’s infographics on your blog, you may run the risk of being de-indexed altogether!

And even when your intent is good (genuinely educate readers/ recognize the owner of the infographic for their outstanding work), it’s always advisable to play it right so that you keep your blog safe and growing.

Here’s how you should go about it –

Always be Very Picky
There are various places where you can look for infographics that you may want to re-post on your blog. Alltop and Pinterest are two great sources to fulfill your requirements. What’s important, however, is that you don’t choose just any infographic (published by someone else) to post to your blog. You should always make sure you pick those that are of high quality both in terms of graphical representation and information.

Above everything else, the infographic that you choose to publish on your blog should present information that’s highly relevant to the specific needs of your audience or readers.

Write a Reasonable Amount of Commentary
Usually, most of the bloggers re-post someone else’s infographic with little or no comments at all. If you follow the same practice, how will you make your infographic post stand out? Adding a good introduction or a reasonable amount of commentary to the infographic that you’ve chosen to re-post on your blog will not only set you apart but it will also increase the visibility of the post. You can start with an introduction, talk about why you’re sharing it, tell what to expect and mention what’s in it that readers should learn from.

Once you’ve gone through the selected infographic, it won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to write a commentary for the same. But it will definitely be worth the effort.

Give Credit to the Source
You’re not the only blogger that re-posts infographics. Unless you’re picking the infographic from the original author’s blog or the site of the company that created it, you should never forget to locate the exact source. Once you’ve identified the owner of the infographic, you should also give full credit to them. It’s not enough to only mention the name of the creator. You must link back to the source because they really deserve some link juice.

Don’t Cross the Fine Line
Though infographics have the potential to generate more likes and shares as compared to text-articles, you shouldn’t re-post other people’s infographics frequently. It’s never recommended to substitute your own blog posts for infographics. After all, your readers are mostly interested in your own content, your point of views and your style of writing. Two to three infographics in a month is adequate. Crossing the fine line or overdoing it will only lead you into trouble.

Do you re-post other people’s infographics on your blog? Please feel free to share your views in comments.

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