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6 Common Symptoms of Boring Content

An overwhelming quantity of content hits the web every day – as much as 27 million pieces. What’s even more interesting is the fact that around 70% of all this shared content goes unused, consistently. It happens due to a variety of content marketing mistakes committed by most businesses out there. Whether it's an article… Read More


10 Marketing Tips Every Business Should Follow

Regardless of what you sell and whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or a web-based business, marketing is what drives your company. It begins with collecting qualitative and quantitative data that must be converted into valuable insights you can use. Marketing, therefore, is not a single-shot tactic. In fact, it’s a series of processes that… Read More

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Do you know that images with lots of red in them attract 2x the amount of repins on Pinterest? That tagging brands and people enhances the engagement potential of posts on Google+? That it takes plenty more than just a quick sentence and a link to make a Facebook post go viral? If you’re in… Read More


7 Blogging Tips to Grow Your Restaurant Business

In an earlier post, we discussed how to stand out a small business blog. Blog posts are a valuable tool to bring visitors to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and multiply your fan base. A restaurant business too can use blogging to expand its reach and build a unique relationship with existing customers… Read More


Thinking of hiring a content writing agency? There are literally innumerable agencies out there who promise cutting edge content, value for money and more! However, it takes a discerning eye to separate the wheat from the chaff in this case. Having a contracted agency works well for most companies for a prolonged period of time… Read More


Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds in most parts of the world, and so are the challenges for e-commerce websites. To decipher why your visitors are not converting into customers, you need to understand the psyche of the online buyer – he (or she) has a plethora of options, is looking for a… Read More


10 Tips to Hire a Professional Freelance Writer

Writing is a fantastic idea. Everybody should try to write for their own personal reasons. But professional writing is a totally different ball game - one that takes years of wholehearted dedication and unrelenting practice to master. If you operate an online business, you must have heard the term content marketing, which is a method… Read More


Is poor content to blame for your recent business debacles? Think again! This is one area which most business owners often end up neglecting at their own peril. Simply outsourcing your content needs to an agency is not enough; giving them a free hand a strict no-no! You should exercise control over all marketing content… Read More