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Pre-Written Content vs Custom Writing Services

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The thought of buying content may cross your mind when you’re looking to jumpstart content campaigns or cover gaps in the content calendar. Or may be, your blog is all set up and you’re looking to let it off the ground by publishing a couple of blog posts right away. The easiest way to deal with this is to search online for a vendor that sells pre-written content, claim the type of content you want and use it immediately as per your specific need. But the big question is this: “Is buying ready-made content a viable option and does it offer value for money?”

Content Writing Service

As a business owner, you need to deliver content to your target audience on a regular basis through various marketing channels. The pressure of content creation is simply killing startups and small businesses. It’s not just the creation of content, but you also need to pack every article or blog post that you push out with lots of real value. Since the web is already content-rich, cutting through the clutter for anyone is a surefire struggle. Unless you have enough in-house resources to write content on your own or seek the services of a freelancer, you’ll end up getting frustrated or decide to give up altogether. Content has a critical role to play in the success of your business. You really can’t think of marketing without content.

When you lack the resources to create content in-house, there are two options at your disposal: a) buy pre-written articles or b) outsource your content creation to a custom writing agency. Let’s dig deeper and discover which option you should go with to get the content you need for your marketing.

Pros and Cons of Buying Pre-Written Content

Pre-written content sounds good because you can claim it almost immediately, do a simple copy-paste job and it’s live on your website or blog the next minute. Many startups and small businesses like this idea because it saves them all the work which goes into custom-writing content.

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of ready-made content:


Buying already-written articles means you’ll save time because you won’t need to look for and hire a content writer, assign them topics of your choice and get the content written as per the content brief. The articles that you’ll buy from content sellers are ready to go live. You’ll be able to browse through the inventory of articles to find exactly the topics that relate to your business.

Most of the pre-written content you’ll find in online marketplaces are evergreen, which means they have a long shelf life. Evergreen content is that which remains relevant to an audience for the longest period of time – unlike newsworthy content. It’s also possible to avail of discounts if you choose to buy a bunch of pre-written articles together. You can check various vendors for the type of content you need and then go with one which offers the best deal. As stated earlier, pre-written content makes it easy to give your content campaigns a quick start.


Pre-written content has many more demerits than how much it helps. It’s a no-brainer that the articles you buy online weren’t specifically written for your brand. They were created based on some trending topics. If you plan to make already-written content to perfectly fit in with the exact requirements of your brand, you’ll need to have them revised and edited by the in-house staff or a competent freelance content writer. Since you bought the content to publish or use straight away, spending more time revising it defeats the purpose altogether.

Usually, pre-written content sellers are focused on making quick money. So, they would sell the same articles to many businesses, and you’ll never know how many. When too many businesses use the same articles on their websites and blogs, there will be issues of duplicate content. Google’s current ranking algorithm can quickly smell duplicate content and penalize a website for the same. Unless you give pre-written articles heavy edits before publishing, your website will be at risk. Once your website gets caught for having duplicate content, the website may take months to recover from Google’s search penalty (after you’ve detected the issue and removed the duplicate content) or, worse still, it may not recover at all (if you remain unaware of the issue). This is one the most serious drawbacks of pre-written content.

Some content writers charge a high price for pre-written articles while there are others that offer a low price. The lower the price of an already-written article, the more edits it will need on your part. To make these articles a good fit for your brand, multiple revisions will be required. Spending a significant amount of time on updating purchased content simply translates to a higher cost.

If you evaluate pre-written content in regard to search optimization, the results can be fairly disappointing. Articles purchased from content sellers have the least SEO focus, and so they may not help your brand’s visibility. SEO varies from one business to another. Unless you optimize the articles all over again for appropriate keywords, links (internal and external) and searcher intent, they will neither rank high in search engine results nor drive conversions as you desire.

Benefits of Hiring Custom Writing Services

Content marketing has been, is and will always be the most effective tool in a business owner’s marketing toolkit. Today, a large number of businesses outsource their content creation. And when doing so, business always want to adopt the most practical option to support their goals and objectives. In an information-packed market, consumers just don’t bother to read rehashed or low quality articles. What they look for is content which is exciting, engaging and actionable.

Here’s why custom writing services are the best bet for any business owner or marketer who needs to outsource content creation.

No Risk of Duplicate Content: A custom content writing service leverages the expertise of content writers to develop content for clients. Most content sellers use various types of content spinning tools in a bid to crank out articles in large numbers and make quick bucks by selling the same content to multiple people at once. But when you hire the services of a reputed content writing agency, you can quickly eliminate the the risk of duplicate content and feel confident that each piece of content they develop for you will be completely plagiarism-free.

No Rewriting Required: Usually, pre-written articles that you buy from online vendors will need lots of revisions and edits before they’re ready to go live on your website. On the other hand, all content delivered to you by a custom writing service is meticulously written as per the exact needs of your brand and so no tweaking at all is required. This also means that you won’t be spending extra time and money on rewriting articles as you’d do with already-written content.

Unique Content: A custom writing service takes the time to conduct industry-based research and prepare content exactly as per the needs of your target audience. They’ll follow your outline and gather material from the trusted sources and references that you recommend to them. Writers from a custom writing service focus on developing content from a fresh perspective. They craft each piece of content in a way that is compelling enough for the intended readers. If required (which is very rare), you can also ask the service provider to revise the content again without paying additional charges because most of them offer 1-2 free revisions.

SEO-Focused Content: Unlike pre-written content, articles prepared by a custom writing service provider are also keyword-optimized. In fact, you can pass them the list of all keywords that matter to your business and they’ll incorporate those keywords into the content in a natural fashion. This is because a custom writing service has experienced content writers who have good knowledge of how search algorithms work and how to optimize content to perform in search.

Test Out Working: Before you start to outsource big content projects to a custom writing service, you can first test them out to find out if you’ve chosen the right partner. AsK the service provider to write one or two articles and evaluate their work based on the criteria you have set for your content creation. If all looks good, you can happily go ahead and work with them for the long term. Otherwise, you can find another custom writing service that’s a good match.

Reliable Partner: Over time, your chosen custom writing service provider will gain a deeper understanding of your brand, the audience you seek and the stylistic and tonal guidelines, specific to your content strategy. As a result, the quality of content their writers develop for your company will continue to improve. You can even directly talk to their expert writers and discuss how you’d like to scale up your content marketing and maximize returns. There are many more ways in which you can leverage the service provider’s skills and expertise to grow your business. Ultimately, you’ll find a partner who you can depend on for the long term.

A reputed custom writing service provider will remain invested into the success of your business. They’ll work hard to craft high quality content which is both liked and shared by your target audience. That’s exactly the reason that the use of pre-written content has drastically reduced whereas the percentage of business owners who hire custom writing services continues to go up. While working with a custom content writing agency, the remote control is in your hands. You get to choose the topics, the keywords that you want to rank for and the style and tone of language that fits your brand. That’s what you need to beef up your content marketing.

Plan Your Content in Advance

The biggest reason business owners and marketers turn to pre-written content sellers is that they don’t have time to wait. In just a few clicks, ready-made articles can be claimed and posted to a website.

Since the drawbacks of pre-written content are too many to handle, the best idea is to plan your content ahead of time. Hire a custom writing service and get at least 2-3 months of content written in advance. In this way, you can publish content on your website and blog exactly when you need while also eliminating the need to buy pre-written content altogether. That’s how pros approach content creation – and you should too. Get started right away!

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