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Six Great Benefits of Content Marketing

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Seth Godin says, “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left”. And you’d think that it’s a hyperbolic statement. But you know what, statistics don’t lie – and nor does Seth.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Here are some statistics that back up Seth’s claim:

Seth’s words aptly sum up the huge potential of content marketing as one of the most effective and powerful marketing strategies today. He’s expressed it better than anyone else.

But skepticism still exists.

What holds back most businesses from heavily investing into content marketing is either their perceived complexity of the strategy or their over-engagement with other marketing activities which comparatively deliver a much lower ROI.

Here are six great benefits that show the effectiveness of content marketing in driving business growth.

#1. Increase Brand Familiarity

Your potential customers may have heard about your business or what it deals in. But that’s not always a best predictor of sales. To become buyers, your prospects need enough knowledge to buy.

Content marketing helps you deliver the information that customers need to make a purchase decision.

Being familiar means your customers understand why your business is relevant to their needs and how it is different from the competition. That’s what content marketing does. With great content, you can express your core messages and ideas clearly while giving your customer more reasons to stick around. The more familiar your customers are, the easier it will be for you to sell to them.

#2. Acquire Better Positioning in Search Engines

Content marketing steps up your SEO game. More content or blog posts published on your website means more pages indexed by Google. And the more indexed pages you have, the wider your net will be cast in terms of ranking for multiple keywords or phrases.

However, a large number of web pages doesn’t always correlate with a lot of search traffic.

To increase your website’s visibility in search engines, you should develop an effective keyword strategy and ensure your content quality is at par with the user’s needs. A proven tactic is to focus more on long-tail keywords because they convert more.

#3. Drive Traffic from Multiple Sources

Content marketing employs a number of tactics which together can bring tons of traffic to your website.

Guest posting is an excellent example. When published on a relevant, authority external publication, one single guest post has the potential of attracting thousands of new visitors. As a bonus, you’ll also build backlinks through guest posting because most of the third-party websites will allow a link or two in the byline of your article.

More content in your arsenal also means you’ll never have to worry about what to share on social media next. The more quality content you post to your chosen social media platforms, the more referral traffic you can drive to your website.

#4. Generate More Leads

For many companies, one of the biggest reasons for using content marketing is that it generates more leads. Provided your content campaign is well-structured and you have chosen the right channels for promotion, you too can collect tons of leads for your business.

Content marketing generates up to 3X the leads you’d get with native or traditional advertising, as per a survey by DemandMetric.

As part of your content marketing campaign, you can create an e-book, host a webinar, build a customer case study or write a whitepaper and then offer them to your audience for lead collection. Generating lead is just the start. From there, you can again use content to nurture those leads toward a product sale or other conversion goals.

#5. Build Authority

One of the best ways to set your business apart and boost sales is through content that shows your expertise.

If you own a business, you’re definitely an expert in your area of work. Share your hidden potential with the world. Create content on topics that you have deep knowledge about and use it to build your authority and attract more customers in return.

As a thought leader or subject matter expert, you’ll be in a position where people pay heed to your advice and make their purchase decisions on the basis of your recommendations.

#6. Reduce Marketing Costs and Get Better Results

Compared to other forms of marketing, digital or traditional, content marketing is a lot cheaper – up to 62% less.

Content marketing only takes more time. In the first couple of months of your strategy, you might not see much in return. But results will start to show over the next few months. As more time passes, you’ll see the return on your investment grow exponentially. So, be consistent with you efforts and don’t get worked up by delays. As much as 69% marketers say that content delivers better results than direct mail or PR marketing do, according to a report by Custom Content Council.

Considering the number of benefits content marketing offers and the fact that it applies to anyone in any niche or industry, there’s no reason you should not invest in it.

And the sooner you dive in, the better.

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