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Think of Your Website Visitors as Wild Beasts

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Changing the way you think about something has the power to transform. By thinking differently, you could attract more money. You could even make yourself happier by thinking in a new way. In fact, you could increase the flow of almost anything into your life by adhering to this formula.  You can even increase the flow of traffic to your website by thinking differently.

Thinking differently is one of the biggest secrets to making massive changes happen. It makes solutions materialize.

Let’s get to the main point.

How do you think of your web visitors? For most of the web writers or content creators, web visitors are just human beings. If you too think on the same lines, you need to change the way you think. You can quickly turn your website into a moneymaking machine by thinking about readers differently than most writers do. A change in your thought process will give a whole new meaning to the entire process of online content creation, which in turn will help you attract readers quickly, engage them and convert.

Here’s the secret – website visitors are like wild beasts.

Well, don’t take it as a joke. It’s a secret that has enabled many content creators fulfill their website goals successfully. If there’s one thing that immediately differentiates readers of the web from those of print, it’s the way the former behave. Web readers behave like wild animals; they’re hungrily on a hunt for gathering a specific type of information or buying a product. Unlike print media readers, online readers are in a hurry. It’s all about the scent trail. It’s only when the scent trail seems to be leading to a good meal that web readers will want to spend time and go for the catch. Otherwise, they’ll look for another, better scent trail while clicking away from your website.

“Users estimate a given hunt’s likely success from the spoor: assessing whether their path exhibits cues related to the desired outcome. Informavores will keep clicking as long as they sense (to mix metaphors) that they’re “getting warmer” — the scent must keep getting stronger and stronger, or people give up”, says Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group.

The World Wide Web is a jungle where web visitors are the wild beasts who you have to lure to the prey (i.e. information on your website). As soon as you adopt this philosophy, everything else will start to fall into place.

If you’re struggling to generate a good amount of traffic to your website and convert most visitors, you have to keep two things at the top of your mind – a clear scent trail and an easy catch. To leave a good scent trail, you should have a crystal-clear idea about what your ideal customers are looking for and then feature it on your website effectively. To make the catch easy (and fun), you should make it easy for web readers to locate what they’re looking for without spending several minutes on your website.

Therefore, the success of a website depends on the quality of content it offers and how easy it is to find for readers. If you plan to lure a large number of visitors to your website, you should carefully plan a content strategy according to your target audience’s specific requirements or issues. On the other hand, you should make every piece of content on your website easily accessible, regardless of which page or section a visitor enters through.

Are you ready to change the way you think about your website visitors? Please feel free to comment.

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