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Use These 4 Elements to Create the Best Website Content

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So, your website is finally live! Hopefully, the developer and the graphics designer did a nice job of making it look modern with a well-planned color scheme, interesting (and readable) typography, giant product images, a consistent theme and a navigational structure which would take visitors directly to where they want to go.

All of that sounds too good but you know what, it’s the content which will keep visitors coming to your website – and finally convince them whether you’re truly a master of your game.

Best Website Content

That’s why the content on your website has got to be the best – so you can throw the competition to dust and attract customers like crazy. But do you know what elements go into the creation of best website content? If you plan to build a website which serves like a lead generation machine, you should first understand how to create the best website content and then hire a content writing service or professional writers who can do it for you.

Here are four elements that writers should incorporate into their writing to create the best website content.

#1. Usefulness

The world of web is flooded with content on simply any topic that you can think of. But visitors go to only those websites where they find useful content. Unless the content on your website is of good, practical use to visitors, they won’t come.

Remember, a good book is its own salesperson.

Ideally, it applies to content on a website as well. Your website content will be devoured and passed on only when it is useful to readers. In any business or industry, customers or clients are looking for information that they can use to make their lives better.

If a piece of content is useful, it should:

  • Answer a question
  • Teach a new technique or skill
  • Provide an insight into a topic
  • Help make the right buying decision
  • Solve a problem

Why would today’s time-conscious visitors will spend time on reading content that brings them no benefit? Therefore, you need to find out what your target customers are hungry for and then feed it to them. If the content on your website is useful, you’ll not only attract more visitors but will also start to build the trust and goodwill that you need to sell your products or services.

#2. Originality

To build a great website, you don’t just need to feature useful content but the content has to be original as well.

Two people can share the same idea, but the one who talks from his own personal experience and delivers (the story) in his own style will ultimately receive the most applause.

So, first of all, stop copying someone else’s style.

Originality comes from creativity. Whether you create content for your website in-house or hire a content writing service, it’s the use of creativity that will lend originality to content. And one of the easiest ways to be original is by being different from others.

To be original, you should -

  • Follow your own style of writing
  • Write from your unique perspective
  • Tell a personal story
  • Focus on the quality (in-depth content)
  • Talk to the target audience
  • stay on top of the latest industry news and updates
  • Brainstorm more, and plan in advance

Even if a specific topic is already covered somewhere else and is relevant to your own audience, you can create some original website content about the same. You should just aim to give it a new spin, add more value and take it to the next level. It is also a good idea to discuss, review or critique someone else’s posts for originality of content.

#3. Credibility

The more credible your website content looks to your customers, the more you can sell. Of course, offering useful and original content consistently on your website builds trust. But you need to work on this more because it directly impacts your bottomline.

Credibility is an important part of any business and every business has to sweat it out to build credibility. There are some companies that have a well-established, global reputation. For instance, you won’t spend hours doing background research or consulting friends and family when it comes to buying an iPad because you already know that Apple is one of the most reputable companies on the planet.

Every business doesn’t enjoy that privilege.

In fact, online businesses have to struggle more to establish credibility. Increasing number of online scams have made the average internet user apprehensive. As the owner of an online business, the biggest challenge you face is to earn the trust of your website visitors. That’s why you should make every effort to create website content that looks credible. You should present information that customers can trust.

You can build trust with website content by:

  • Writing a good About Us page
  • Displaying a portfolio of your previous work
  • Featuring product reviews (both positive and negative)
  • Publishing guest posts from experts
  • Highlighting customer testimonials
  • Publishing case studies
  • Producing detailed product descriptions
  • Showing trust symbols (must for e-commerce stores)
  • Presenting unbiased information

By establishing credibility, you’ll acquire the power to alter the attitude of visitors so that they think positively about your business, follow the advice on your website and buy from you too.

#4. User-Friendliness

Who do your write your website content for? Most startups and small companies believe that all they need to do is please the search engines – and it will soon start raining visitors.

Well, that was yesterday!

Do not get tempted. If you focus on search engines, you’ll create fluff and lean content. The rules of the game have changed, and so should your tactics. Make users the hero of your story, and create content for them. Try to please your audience, not the search engines. All the major search engine companies have worked harder to judge content on the basis of quality – in the same way as people do – and rank only the top quality content at the top of their search results.

Here are a couple of ways to please people:

  • Create content on topics that interest your audience
  • Make your content easily skimmable
  1. Use ordered/unordered lists
  2. Write short, meaningful paragraphs
  3. Use informative subheadings
  4. Include relevant internal/external links
  5. Vary the length of sentences
  6. Recheck for grammatical errors
  • Back up your claims or arguments with facts
  • Maintain a consistent tone
  • Use high quality, complementary images

Low quality content will not make the cut anymore. If you plan to get better positioning in search engine results, you should write content for people and let the keywords flow into your writing naturally.Of course, SEO basics like keywords, title and meta descriptions are important but you should not overdo it. If you have been missing out on the latest developments in the SEO industry, I encourage you to read about the latest search engine ranking guidelines and modify your SEO strategy so that you can play the game like a pro.

Are You Ready to Create the Best Content?

Whether you decide to write the content for your website on your own or hire a professional content writer for the project, you should get your head around this hard fact – there’s simply too much competition out there and only the best content will stick with visitors. Make your website such a valuable content resource that visitors are compelled to tell colleagues, “You should really visit this website.”

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