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What Goals Do You Want Your Content to Accomplish?

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The biggest reason why most of the content plans fail is because businesses have little or no idea about what they want to accomplish. Only because you noticed that everyone else is ‘doing content’ doesn’t mean you should jump on to the bandwagon too. Of course, top quality content is the foundation of a strong content marketing process. But what’s even more important (or the most important point) is to understand what you’re actually hoping to achieve with the content that you create.

A content marketing plan without goals is just content. Therefore, you can be sure that such a plan won’t drive any profitable actions.

No matter how remarkable content you’re creating, it won’t mean anything at the end of the day unless it helps you accomplish something specific. Without focusing on the goals that you want to fulfill, you can also easily derail your entire content marketing plan.

Different Businesses, Different Goals

There are different industries, niches and organizations. The needs or goals of content marketing, therefore, also vary greatly from one business to another. You can’t blindly pick someone else’s goals and call them your own. You should evaluate your business closely and find out what it is that will help you grow your business at a certain stage. Just like our priorities in life change with time, goals in a business also keep on changing. So, you’ll need to keep track of your changing requirements and modify your existing goals or make new goals altogether as time passes.

There are many more goals than you can actually imagine. Businesses that achieve success with their content marketing plan know what they exactly want to accomplish and create content to serve those goals. Whether you plan to create blog posts, email newsletters, whitepapers, e-books or videos, knowing the goals will keep you on the right track.

Right and Wrong Goals

You may already be creating content focusing on some specific goals. But do you know whether the goals that you want to accomplish with your content are also the right type of goals? Whether it’s just one goal or multiple goals, it’s important to understand whether fulfilling those goals will also take your business to the next level or make you more profits.

Let’s talk about ‘brand awareness’ as a content marketing goal. Most of the B2B marketers in the USA create content to accomplish this very goal. In fact, creating awareness about a particular product or service is the first thing that comes to mind when businesses think about content marketing. When you create content that’s top-notch, up-to-date and well-researched, the audience takes notice quickly and they’re interested to find out more about the company or organization that created it. Awareness created through high quality content is long-lived and is beneficial in many more ways as compared to the awareness created through advertising.

But simply driving traffic to a website or blog shouldn’t be a content marketing goal. Though publishing high quality content might automatically result in driving more people to your site, it can’t be all that you want to accomplish with your content. Ask yourself this question – ‘Am I fulfilling the needs of my readers by only attracting them to my site?’ Likewise, focusing on a content goal like ‘increasing the click-through rates’ solely will do nothing more than ruining the reputation of your business or organization.

While it’s important to select the right goals, you should also make sure that they’re specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound.

Key Takeaways

Before you publish the next piece of content for marketing your business or company, you should clearly know what you want to accomplish with it. You may want to popularize (or sell) a product or service. You may want to show others that you’re an expert in your niche. You may want to educate your customers. You may also want to attract strategic partners. No matter what you want to accomplish with your content, make sure you know what it is and that it’s a right goal that will help you achieve business growth.

What goals does your content focus on? Please feel free to share your thoughts or leave a comment below.

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