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Why Content Writers Should Have an Idea of the Basic Marketing Principles

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Writing is a creative, compelling and persuasive art. What is marketing then? An art or science or even both? A strong umbilical cord connects both marketing and writing in multifarious, unimaginable ways. No writing is deemed successful and purposeful if not tailored for an audience. Marketing is all about showcasing, promoting or selling ideas, concepts, products and virtually anything under the sun to as big an audience as possible.

In this day and age, the uninformed, marketing-shy content aesthete had better take a permanent break!

Content and Marketing

Content writers have to cater to diverse audiences and businesses, and basic marketing principles come in handy as a result. If you’re a writer, here’s how some basic marketing knowledge will help you.

Subtle Selling Techniques

Basic knowledge of marketing principles comes in handy when it comes to incorporating subtle selling techniques into your work, particularly when you are writing about a product of service.

These include the following essential components:

> A headline that instantly hooks people to the product/service in question, for e.g. Unbelievably Priced Web Hosting Services For Companies that instantly gets the message across and lays the foundation for the pitch to follow
> Persuasive triggers that play on what people really desire, enforced through phrases like discounts, faster turn-around times, special features and so on
> Impeccably crafted call to action phrases such as bring home this attractive table lamp at 50% of its original price and other phrases that stimulate action on part of the customer

SEO Tricks and Techniques

A thorough understanding of the key aspects of the product is essential for good marketing and content in turn. For writers, this will help them come up with the perfect search keywords for their articles. Searchable content is the need of the hour and choosing the right keywords assumes immense importance in this context.

Content pieces should ideally contain the following ingredients:

> Internal links and alt tags spread evenly throughout the article
> Proper keywords placed at strategic intervals
> Appropriate synonyms and variations of key words/phrases

Social Media and Community Building

A thorough knowledge of basic marketing techniques goes a long way towards helping you polish your content for social media platforms, forums and communities.

When it is a whole community that you are writing for, the following guidelines should be followed:

> What are the prevalent needs of the community?
> How can my product/service/idea be positioned in the community?
> How will it benefit them and interest them?
> Does it have any social or lifestyle relevance that can be highlighted?
> How can readers be stimulated to share their views, comments and opinions or even subscribe to content posts?
> How can content phrases and other material spark better engagement and views?
> How can the content piece neatly build up a long running dialogue with forum or network members?

When customer interaction is regarded as the biggest marketing principle in existence, it makes sense for writers to take stock of the above points while structuring their content so as to suit the specific requirements of virtual communities and social media forums.

Content and Site Strategies

It is marketing angles that influence all content strategies and website strategies and architecture. Good content writers are natural strategists with regard to the positioning, look and feel of their content and the layout which accentuates the same. An in-depth understanding of marketing techniques will enable writers to come up with valuable insights on structuring and positioning content pieces for maximum exploitation including key message identifiers, highlights, visual and graphical enhancements, spacing and many more aspects.

Analytical Knowledge and Homework

Present day marketing thrives on analytics, knowledge of which will help writers tremendously. Writers should have an idea of website metrics which are a valuable component of all internet marketing campaigns and strategies.

These offer insights on the following aspects:

> Keywords and search phrases that have attained immense popularity on the web
> The content posts and topics that have attained huge popularity over other counterparts
> Content that has been shared by viewers and readers themselves
> Average bounce rates for big ticket content pieces
> Average page views for content and blog posts
> Content search engine rankings
> Overall traffic driven by content pieces to websites
> Approximate content value in terms of engagement and outreach

Similar to marketing, such homework helps writers come up with neatly crafted content that is optimized to garner more views and reviews, thereby generating higher leads and enquiries for the company or organization they write for. Good content drives conversions and website metrics play a big role in helping writers cultivate more of the same. Alongside, metrics also help immensely when it comes to testing the success of specific catch phrases, keywords and call to action phrases, thereby serving as a foundation for future improvement.

Content and marketing go hand in hand when it comes to building a virtual and digital base for any product, idea or service. Content writers should certainly endeavour to learn more about marketing principles and new age marketing techniques with a view towards manifesting the same subtly through their articles and blog posts. This creates a win-win situation for both writers and companies and paves the way forward for higher growth!

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