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Why Every Healthcare Facility Should Start a Blog

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The rapidly changing healthcare landscape, including the transition from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to value-based payment system, is forcing every healthcare facility to raise the bar. Whether it’s a physician’s office, a nursing home, an urgent care center, a small clinic or a large hospital, each of them needs to find more time to concentrate on the quality of patient care.

While you gear up to adopt the emerging technologies and improve patient care to put your healthcare facility on a pedestal, there’s one piece of advice that you should immediately act upon – start a blog. A self-hosted blog on your company website.

Start a Healthcare Blog

Unless you understand the potential of content marketing and how it functions, you may not really know what advantages starting a blog could bring to your healthcare facility.

So, let me explain the benefits.

Rank Better and Attract Online Traffic

Most healthcare facilities have a limited number of pages on their websites. How many pages do you have on yours? I guess, not too many.

And how many times do you update the pages on your medical website? Well, the fact is that a static website doesn’t offer much scope when it comes to content marketing. A blog, on the other hand, uses a dynamic publishing system, known as a Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy to add tons of content. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a tech geek to run and manage a blog.

Every time you publish a new blog post on your healthcare blog, it’s one more indexed page for your website. This, in turn, increases the chances of your website to appear in search engines.

With each new, well-written, search-optimized blog post, the visibility of your website in search engine is boosted resulting in more online traffic over time. Plus, when you start and run a medical blog, you’ll never have to worry about stuff to share on social media. All of this together creates a win-win situation for your healthcare facility.

Showcase You’re an Expert

A large percentage of potential patients go online to conduct research on which healthcare facility to visit. They look for expert answers to questions on healthcare topics that concern them – health conditions, symptoms, medical treatment procedures etc.

Therefore, a nursing home which offers back injury treatment as one of its many services can answer tons of questions revolving around causes of back pain,  prevention of back pain, treatment for back pain, risks associated with back pain and the right time to seek medical help among others. Likewise, you have plenty of opportunities to answer questions for every healthcare service you provide.

And guess what if potential patients find expert answers to their questions  through your blog, they’re much more likely to step into your healthcare facility when they need treatment.

Talk about Your Facility

Apart from exhibiting that you’re an expert in your field, you can also use your blog to specifically talk about your healthcare facility. While your website may have a couple of pages on what makes your healthcare facility better than the competition, a blog is where you can talk about it at length and provide up-to-date information.

On your medical blog, you can write about your facility’s:

  • Environment
  • Staff and medical professionals
  • Diagnostic and treatment procedures
  • Standard of health education given to patients
  • Personalized assessment and care

If you understand what qualities patients look for in a good healthcare facility, you should write about them in your blog posts. Whenever there’s a new development or a new addition to the team of medical professionals in your facility, you can write a quick post about it and publish it online for your patients and potential patients to know.

Create a Referral Resource for Patients

Face-to-face consultation is good. But if you find yourself explaining the same things to patients over and over again or answering some common questions almost every day, you can simply create blog posts on those topics and ask your patients to refer to them whenever required. Just imagine how much time this can save you.

No matter where your patients are, such blog posts serve as a guide that can be used while on the go.

Which is more, even your colleagues might refer their patients to the resource that you create, for top quality information on specific health conditions. This is an excellent way of popularizing your healthcare blog and turning it into a referral source.

Know What Patients Think

Unlike a website, a blog is a powerful two-way communication tool. It’s a wonderful platform where you can not just write yourself but also ask for feedback and opinions from patients.

A blog is structured in a way that it encourages the reader to interact with the author of the blog post.

Your patients and potential patients would really like to share their personal experiences about a specific health condition because they are the ones who go through it. So, your medical blog will give them an opportunity to talk about what they think and how they feel. And when they do, you can use that unfiltered truth to learn, improve the quality of your healthcare services and perform better than the competition.

Start a Healthcare Blog Today!

You can start a blog in minutes. If your healthcare facility already has a website, which I hope it does, you can get WordPress installed on it in a few clicks. As soon as you have a blog attached to your website, you are raring to go. Plan the kind of content that is relevant to your healthcare facility while focusing on the needs of your potential patients, and start writing. Though you’ll find many good blog writing ideas for your healthcare blog in this post itself, here are some more trigger topics – latest medical industry research, upcoming medical events, national health months, health insurance filing etc.

Just remember to publish consistently on your blog so that you can keep attracting traffic and growing over time. Done right, your healthcare blog can generate an ROI in hundreds of percent.

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