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Why ‘Visual Content’ Pleases the Human Brain! [Infographic]

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Our brains are hardwired to process, acknowledge and interpret visual content the best. Visual content has a direct impact on emotional and cognitive feelings of humans. According to noted psychologists and researchers, a larger part of human communication is non-verbal. Visual content is deciphered seamlessly and naturally whereas text-based communication requires sequential and linear processing. We’re genetically engineered to respond to visual content in a different way, as compared to text.

What would a picturesque, large landscape make you feel? The predominant feeling would be a curious mixture of unfulfilled desire and satisfaction at an almost universal level. The human brain is unfathomably attracted to visual elements like images and videos.

That’s exactly why marketers love visual content.

As an online or content marketer, you should definitely keep in mind that leveraging visual communication adeptly makes it easier to –

Spark seamless recollection
Bring out diverse emotional responses
Tap into imaginative and creative faculties of the brain
Influence the decision-making bevaiour

Social media platforms are live examples of how integrating visual content with marketing plans can turn the tables in a business’ favour. YouTube has been a smash hit with potent marketing videos capturing the attention of millions while Facebook marketing campaigns thrive on photographs and other visual content. Marketing plans, therefore, should always acknowledge the importance of suitable visual communication for enhanced success.

However, it’s crucial to make your visual content stand out from the rest. While incorporating visual content into your overall marketing plan, you should focus on faces (and facial expressions) that pave the way for contextual understanding of a marketing message. It helps you enable viewers to subconsciously absorb experiences and reinforce emotions attached to a specific brand. Plugging into universal memories allows you to immediately create a personal connection with viewers. Well-crafted visual content has the potential to move, touch, stimulate and influence target audiences well enough to establish a relationship with your brand or products.

If you’re looking for insights into why visual elements please the human brain so much, here’s a good infographic (by Column Five Media) that explains the process scientifically.

Why Visual Content Pleases the Human Brain (Infographic)

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