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Why You Need to Hire Content Writers

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What are your customers looking for? While you tend to think that they’re searching for your business, what they’re actually after is answers or solutions. They need help to solve a variety of problems that arise in their day-to-day lives.

Content Writers

If you plan to connect and build relationships with your customers, you should provide them with problem-solving content on a regular basis. Thanks to the fantastic breed of content writers who can help with content development and increase the visibility of your business as a result. But how much do you know about the responsibilities of a content writer? Are you aware of the different types of content writing that businesses may need for marketing? Read on to know about all these and much more so that you can make the right hiring decision.

What Do Content Writers Do?

Content writers help a business market their products and services. They’re a valuable addition to the editorial and the marketing team. You can hire content writers to create value-added content for your websites and blogs. Equipped with a sound knowledge of using the Content Management System (CMS), content writers develop properly structured drafts which can be published online after the final edits. But there’s a lot more that experienced content writers can do.

Content writers possess the capability to write website content, blog posts, marketing copy, tutorials etc. Many of them can also proofread a piece of document for accuracy and correctness of language.

Key job responsibilities of a content writer include:

  • Conducting research for various topics
  • Generate fresh content ideas
  • Develop promotional/marketing content
  • Write blog posts, articles
  • Proofread content to find and correct errors
  • Submit content to editors for approval
  • Optimize content for better search engine visibility
  • Post content to social media

An experienced content writer has many skills up their sleeve. Apart from having a solid grounding in English language, they also have familiarity with the use of an array of web applications. Additionally, a content writer knows how to use a CMS (like WordPress) to create, format and publish content online. Most content writers have a degree in marketing, English or journalism.

Everything Begins with a Content Strategy

Content marketing isn’t a sophisticated technique which only applies to big companies and brands. The purpose of having a content strategy in place is to develop useful content for target audiences. A business can quickly attract and engage their audience using educational, informative and entertaining content. If you want to create awareness about your products and services, build authority in a niche or market and establish long-term relationships with customers, you’ll need to adopt content marketing and craft a well-defined content strategy.

Having a content strategy can lead your marketing in the right direction by helping you understand what your customers expect and determining the kind of content you should create to fulfill their expectations.

Even if you’re a small business or a startup, it’s clear that a content strategy is essential for your improvement and growth. For your content marketing to work, you’ll need to have plenty of content in your marketing arsenal. The exact content requirements vary from one business to another. What type of content you’re going to need depends on the specificity of your content strategy.

Different Types of Content Writing You May Need

As a business owner, you may need different types of content as per the unique needs of your content strategy. So, you can decide to hire either a generalist or a specialist to suit your purpose. Before you decide to bring a content writer on board, you should know what type of content writing works for you.

Here’s a quick look at various types of content writing:

SEO Copywriting: This type of writing is about incorporating important keywords into content for higher rankings in search engines. When you need content to be written based on certain keywords that matter to your business, you’ll need to hire content writers who have a good knowledge of SEO. Writers in this field can optimize articles and blog posts as well as optimize your company’s social media pages for better search visibility. However, SEO copywriting isn’t just about shoving keywords into text. Google cares more about the quality of content than keywords. That’s why, today’s SEO copywriters have learnt to optimize content for better search engine visibility while also ensuring high quality and naturalness.

Technical Writing: If you’re an IT, engineering or SaaS company, you’ll need to hire technical writers for your content writing requirements. Content writers with a technology background can develop writing material such as training manual, help files, how to use guides for electronic gadgets etc.

Academic Writing: Many content writers specialize in developing documents for universities, colleges, schools etc. If you’re an education institution, you’ll need to work with academic writers for your content development. Content writers who belong to the academic field of writing have the ability to create content as per the specific needs of a college’s or school’s curriculum.

Business Writing: The field of business writing can be broadly categorized into four areas – instructional, informational, persuasive and transactional. This type of content writing is extremely professional, which means special focus is given on conciseness and clarity. If you’re looking to develop content such as reports, financial statements, memo and proposals, you’ll need to hire business writers. Content writers in this sector write to address the needs of the intended audience while making sure that the purpose is clearly communicated to drive results.

Copywriting: Among all types of content writing, copywriting requires the most amount of creativity. In fact, copywriters happen to be the smartest writers of all. You’ll need the help of copywriters when crafting ads for radio, television, print or digital media. This type of writing is based on unique concepts and ideas and focuses on appealing to the emotions of the target audience. Think of hiring copywriters as hiring salesmen whose job is to motivate customers to buy.

Ghost Writing: When one person writes an article and the other uses it as their own, the type of writing is called ghost writing. People like CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities often hire ghost writers to have articles written and published under their own names. So, a ghost writer has to live with the fact that the articles that they write will use someone else’s name as the author, not theirs. Professionals who are pressed for time to write on their own often hire ghost writers. The challenge for a ghost writer is to think exactly like the person they write for.

Since there are multiple types of content writing and each of them suits a specific goal or purpose, you should think carefully before hiring a content writer. If who you need is a copywriter and you end up working with a technical writer, you’re definitely going to waste money and get disappointing results. First of all, define what specific type of content writing you need for your business and then vet writers based on your defined criteria to find the right person for the job.

Benefits of Hiring Content Writers

Haphazard social media updates and one blog post every few months will not make a cut anymore. To step up your game, you should be able to feed the hunger of your audience with high quality content on a consistent basis. This means you’ll need to come up with a steady stream of content which educates, informs, entertains and motivates. That’s exactly why a large number of business owners, including those with some writing skills, work with content writers.

Hiring content writers can be a great help when you’re unable to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for quality content generation. With the expert help of content writers, you can expedite the research part, generate interesting topic ideas and craft content in a way which drives engagement.

For any business owner, the most important task is to focus on the core competencies of their business. Content development is a tedious process, which can easily eat into your precious time. That’s why outsourcing your content writing requirements to a professionals is a high recommend. Hiring content writers is an excellent way to free up your time and spend the saved time on the most crucial aspects of your business. Another key benefit of working with content writers is that it helps you increase the visibility and readership of your blog. Experienced content writers have the skills to write persuasive copy which increases conversions. With their SEO skills, they can create search-optimized content for better Google rankings over a short period of time. Most of all, content writers can do extensive industry-related research and provide your readers with fresh perspectives on any subject.

Are You Ready to Hire?

Understand the specific needs of your content strategy and hire a content writer of your choice. Every piece of content that a content writer creates becomes your asset, and you can use it to build authority, attract traffic and generate leads for your business for years in a row. Since there are so many content writers out there, you can always expect to find one who is an exact match for your objectives and budget. Just remember not to go for the cheapest option because ultimately it comes down to the old proverb, “You get what you pay for.”

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