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Why You Should Get More Regular Blog Readers and How

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Every blogger should be concerned about the establishment of a loyal base of readers. A higher number of regular readers is proof that visitors find your blog to be educational, informative and entertaining. This is good news for information providers as well as those involved in the selling of products and services. Most analytics software programs/ tools have the capacity to allow you to track both new and return visitors.

Here’re some of the main reasons why you should never ignore maximizing the number of recurring visitors to your blog –

  • They pay more attention to your content.
  • They don’t require convincing.
  • They’re interested in your recommendations.
  • They’re eager to interact with you.
  • They like to share your content with others.
  • They’re easy to convert.

However, many bloggers assume that the best approach towards popularizing their blog is to attract tons of hits or new visitors but they often overlook the contributions of regular blog readers for the web presence. Are you too focusing on the wrong number?

Think about it, seriously!

The traffic to a blog can be broadly categorized into – new readers and regular readers. Though it’s important to attract lots of traffic to your blog, what’s even more important is to turn first-time visitors into regular readers. Though there are several benefits of having a good number of regular blog readers, one aspect of this precious traffic is that it doesn’t only have a keen interest in your content but also in you. Your regular readers eagerly wait to know more about you, as an individual. It’s these people who’ll ultimately become your friends, fans and brand advocates.

In fact, many of the most popular blogs on the internet possess simple designs without many frills. But they boast a sufficient amount of recurring visitors since they have realized the best type of content that works for their target audiences and strive to post more content like that on their blog, on a consistent basis. These bloggers don’t just have a steady stream of regular traffic, but they keep it increasing with time as well.

Making a Good First Impression
The moment you’ve impressed a first-time visitor, a regular reader is born. But how do you impress a visitor when they land on your blog for the first time? To tell you the truth, it’s not rocket science to convert the first-time visitor. You’ll be able to achieve it with some basic guidelines.

Here’s a quick look at some of them –

  • Have a professional blog design.
  • Ensure your blog has an active RSS feed.
  • Use email opt-in forms on your blog.
  • Embrace new/ advanced blog subscription technologies.
  • Publish blog post updates via social networks.
  • Make navigation on your blog easy and fun.
  • Reduce the download time of your blog.

But remember – all these techniques will bear fruit only when the quality of content on your blog is of top quality, and relevant. Though by adhering to the above-mentioned guidelines, you’ll be able to convert a large percentage of your first-time visitors into regular readers, you won’t convert all of them. Don’t worry, if you can’t. Those first-time visitors that will never return again are actually not the kind of audience you’re seeking.

Writing for Regular Readers
Turning a first-time visitor into a regular visitor may not be too hard, but keeping them with you for the long-term is really a big challenge. It’s crucial to understand that the kind of content which draws new visitors to your blog wouldn’t necessarily quench the thirst of your regular readers.

So, how do you write for regular readers?

A regular reader wants to learn and grow with you. They don’t look at you merely as a blogger. You’re now a guide or mentor to them. So, you should be ready to take them on a journey that enriches their experience while allowing them to have some fun and adventure along the way.

Before you start writing for your regular readers, you should keep in mind that they already know your blog and its content. What they want is – content with a unique spin, new ideas and conversations. So, even if you choose a generic topic to write on, you’ll need to present it with a refreshing approach or show the other side of the coin. As opposed to your new readers, your regular readers are more interested in hearing about your own personal experiences and stories. But even if it’s a personal story, you shouldn’t forget to relate it to your readers so they can benefit in one way or another.

At the same time, it’s also necessary to help your regular readers save the time they’d otherwise spend on market research. Make sure you keep them well-informed about the emerging trends, new technologies and developments in the industry. You should be able to convince them that you always have your finger on the pulse of the industry you’re associated with.

It’s also a great idea to give back to your regular readers through your blog writing, directly. Write blog posts that talk about the views or opinions of your regular readers. Feel free to link out to their websites, blogs or social media accounts. It’s a great conversation-booster!

All this while, you should keep a close watch on the statistics of your blog so that you don’t lose direction. Your primary motive should be to identify what sort of content clicks with your regular visitors. Though you must make it a point to offer unique content at all times to keep readers interested, you should never deviate much from the type preferred by your regular readers and the industry that you’re associated with.

In any case, don’t forget to write for new readers, because you need them too. The regular reader that you have with you today was once a first-time visitor. If you plan to increase the number of your blog’s recurring readers consistently, you should keep new visitors coming.

What’s the % of return visitors to your blog? What type of content do you create to make your regular readers happy? Please share an opinion or a thought in comments below.

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    Its a good reading. Thanks for your writing especially for the reasons you mentioned to give importance on returning blog visitors .

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