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Why You Should Hire a Blog Editor

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Blogging has different goals for different people. If you’re blogging only as a hobbyist, hiring a blog editor may not be an important concern for you. If you’re endeavoring to build a business around a blog, on the other hand, having a blog editor could easily turn the table in your favor. Depending on the goals that you may have planned to achieve, deciding whether you should employ a blog editor could mean the difference between success and failure of your business.

Whether you plan to run a content marketing campaign, establish thought leadership or develop a media revenue model, hiring an experienced blog editor (in-house or freelance) is something you can never afford to ignore.

In simple terms, a blog editor sounds like someone who will run a blog on a day-to-day basis. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are various key responsibilities that a skilled blog editor can handle for you or your online business. It’s only when you become aware of what these professionals are capable of doing that you’ll understand why you should send out an advertisement to hire one right away. Of course, it will stretch your budget a little. But there’s no denying the fact that bringing a blog editor on board will prove to be a great ROI-booster while taking your blogging business to the next level.

Here’s what a blog editor is expected to do –

Strategy Development

With all the experience and skills that a blog editor carries, they can be of great help while working out an effective blog strategy. All you need to do is make your blog editor clearly understand the goals that you want to fulfill. Depending on what you plan to achieve, they’ll discuss all the necessary elements in detail, take your inputs and then offer suggestions that will lead to the development of a powerful strategy for best results.

Writers’ Team Management

On an everyday basis, the blog editor holds the responsibility of managing the team of writers who may include in-house writers, freelance writers and contributing writers or guest authors. Right from delegating tasks (or topics) to writers and guiding them appropriately to ensuring that the given assignments are completed within the given time-frame, the blog editor takes care of all these and a lot more. When new or more writers are required, it’s the blog editor who’ll find and hire the most suitable candidates.

Blog/ Editorial Calendar Maintenance

Along with the blog owner, the blog editor plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of a content editorial calendar. Use of an editorial calendar, as you many know, makes it easy to create targeted content so that profitable customer actions can be driven. The blog editor uses an editorial calendar to plan all the content-related matters at least one month in advance.

Blog Post Writing

Blog editors are not just editors, but they’re accomplished writers in the first place. They don’t just manage a team of writers, but they can also write blog posts depending on the specific situation. You can be sure that your blog editor will keep your blog alive and kicking even when some of your writers are unavailable or running behind schedule.

Brand Building

A blog editor also plays a key role when it comes to building a brand. They always keep their eyes on the larger picture. They make sure that each piece of content that goes live on the blog is in tune with the message, the tone and quality that will build your brand’s identity.

Search Engine Optimization

Even when you’re creating top quality content on a regular basis, you should be able to have it optimized for better rankings in major search engines. A blog editor who carries a strong knowledge of SEO or search engine optimization can work wonders for your blog. They’ll make sure that every post or article that’s published on the blog is appropriately optimized and in adherence to the guidelines or directives put forward by Google.

Apart from these, a blog editor may also perform additional duties like managing a blog community, promoting a blog’s content via various popular social media platforms, performing the basic blog maintenance activities and measuring the content performance through web analytics tools among others. As compared to a part-time writer, a blog editor is much more experienced, efficient and valuable to an online business or company.

Bonus: Hiring Tips

Hiring the right blog editor is not as easy it may look initially. Before you decide to hire someone for this crucial job, you should know about those skills or qualities that make up a good blog editor.

Here are the most importance ones -

> Excellent command over English language/ grammar
> Solid writing and editing skills
> Versatility in the use of CMS (Content Management System) platforms
> Good grasp of multiple content marketing tactics
> Understanding of social media and SEO
> Basic knowledge of HTML

Also, you should avoid hiring a blog editor who’ll accept a less-than-normal salary offer, as it’s important to find someone who’ll stick around for a long time so that your blog can grow consistently, reach its potential and elevate your business to new heights.

Do you think recruiting a blog editor is crucial to the growth of a business or company blog? Please share what you think.

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