Coaching (or Training)

Writing to engage a target audience is actually a marketing skill. Content, when impressively crafted and effectively targeted, can quickly help you attract and engage a specific audience. Top quality content is all you need to enhance your company’s presence, showcase your expert knowledge, establish credibility and build long-term relationships with customers or prospects.

That’s why content writers/editors must be trained.

At 1st Quality Content, we offer –

  • Group Coaching (for businesses)
  • One-on-One Coaching (for individuals/ aspirants)

Today’s consumer is content-hungry. Most importantly, they are looking for information that’s easy-to-understand, concise, focused and well-crafted. If you’re a business owner having your own in-house content writers, you should not miss out an opportunity to get your team trained. Even if you’re an individual aspiring to become a content writer, we’re here to help.

Here’s what you’ll learn –

For Content Writing Roles

  • Writing for web vs writing for print
  • Creating content that fulfills audience’s needs
  • Content planning tools and techniques
  • Qualities of great content
  • Making content scannable or usable
  • Optimizing content for major search engines
  • Relationship between content marketing and SEO
  • Creating content for social media
  • Content writing best practices

For Content Editing or Managing Roles

  • Instructing content writers for various projects
  • Creating/ using editorial calendars
  • Checking content for grammatical/ language errors
  • Evaluating the overall quality of content
  • Proofreading tips, tricks and guidelines
  • Editing your own content
  • Checking content before it goes live
  • Evaluating the relevancy of content
  • Editing best practices, tips and guidelines

Our coaches are well-trained and carry several years of industry experience. Regardless of the niche you belong to, you’ll receive expert training with lots of practical advice on writing content that gets results.

We Offer You

Content Writing 100%
Consulting 95%
Coaching 92%


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