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It’s easy to write email newsletters. But it’s hard to create ones that people will open and read. If you know how to do it right, you can easily use newsletters to communicate with your customers, establish your brand, increase brand loyalty, drive traffic to your website and generate more leads. Writing a great email newsletter is tough because it doesn’t include one specific type of content. In fact, it’s a heady mix of various types of content.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

At 1st Quality Content, we don’t look at email newsletters as a selling tool. That’s why our writers create newsletters that educate, inform and entertain your target audience. Our newsletter content is always focused on helping readers rather than throwing products (or services) into their faces.

A great email newsletter –

  • Features high quality content
  • Has relevance (to a specific niche or audience)
  • Offers solutions to reader’s problems
  • Talks about trendy industry topics
  • Provides practical tips

Creating newsletters that are also opened and read requires a lot of planning, research and skills. Thanks to our highly dedicated team of expert content writers, they carry extensive experience in writing email newsletter content that helps you keep your subscribers active and engaged. Apart from writing the content, we also recommend you the best format, number of items to include and killer titles for your email newsletters.

Our professionals also understand the significance of a unique tone. According to your specific requirements, our writing team will stick to either a professional tone (i.e. corporate speak) or a casual tone. Remember, casual tone doesn’t translate to something unprofessional. Casual tone, however, does a good job of connecting with subscribers on a personal level.

Whether you plan to send out email newsletters once a month or once a week, our writing team will deliver you awesome content consistently so that you don’t miss out on the frequency.

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