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A press release that doesn’t get noticed is not a press release at all! A well-crafted press release does an excellent job of publicizing an event, a new location, an online business, a new product (or service) or a book. Apart from the fact that a press release should have a good reason, it should also be written in a way that addresses the target audience quite well.

In order to write an effective press release, you need to follow some specific guidelines or tips. Sadly enough, most of the online marketers or entrepreneurs fail to make a hit with their press releases.

At 1stQuality content, we have a group of expert content writers and on-demand subject matter experts who have successfully written a large number of press releases for different types of business or niches. We know how to write press releases that attract the audience’s attention quickly. Each one of the press releases that we write is focused on delivering the core message in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner.

While writing a press release, we –

  • Use the standard format
  • Focus on delivering the core message
  • Address the target audience effectively
  • Stick to the facts
  • Apply strong verbs (rather than flowery words)
  • Include quotes (wherever possible)
  • Pay attention to SEO or Search Engine Optimization

While working with 1st Quality Content, you can be sure to get press releases that are free from any kind of language or grammatical flaws. Our proof-readers go through the written material at least 2-3 times to make sure the press release that we deliver is clear, concise and complete.

The headline and the first paragraph of a press release carry a lot of significance as far as grabbing the readers’ attention is concerned. Our well-crafted press releases don’t just attract the attention of the target audience, but they also deliver the key message and engage readers quickly. Whether it’s the introduction, the body or the close, our writers are quite well versed to hit the nail right on its head. We aim to help you achieve your desired goals!

Online press releases, if appropriately optimized for search engines, increase the visibility of your brand or business to a great extent. Therefore, our writers also ensure that each of the press releases is optimized in a way that improves the user experience and enhances search rankings. And you have nothing to worry as the optimization tactics that we use are 100% penalty-proof.

Writing a great press release requires time, research and skills. At 1st Quality Content, we are highly committed to devote each of these to every press release that we are assigned to write.

Whether you are a big firm, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, an online marketer or a professional blogger, we treat each of our clients with equal respect and professionalism. We always strive to put thought and time into each press release that we create. With our expertly written, killer press releases, you can be sure to get your message across effectively and drive traffic to your business, regardless of the niche or industry you belong to.

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